Monday, 9 September 2013

A busy Week

I have been all over the place this week

The week began in Kent with a close friend
who has just lost his beautiful wife to that
awful disease that seems to be taking so
many of our friends at the moment.
48 is no age to die.

Wednesday was spent with my cousin who was in Norfolk
on holiday from the Peak District.
It was a lovely day which was just what was needed.
We both talk for England when we are together
so we sat on Wells -Next -Sea beach for hours
just chatting and eating our picnic.

Wells has the most fantastic beach huts which 
cost a fortune but look amazing. 
Most definitely on my wish list.
The tide was out and it is very low at the moment
so it was just miles and miles of sand  
and very few people at this end.

At the back of the beach is the dunes
and the pine forrest behind them. 
On a hot day this was the best place to sit for our picnic.

Thursday Mr T and I went to West Norfolk for a couple of days.
We had a lovely relaxing couple of days
and a good ole poke about the shops in Hunstanton
which we usually call Sunny ~Hunny but was anything 
but sunny.

 We saw some interesting things though the sign above 
I love and neither of us had ever seen a car like this

Then tuck in the back of the shops I found
K&K who do wonderful things with quilts.
They also hire out long arm quilting machines.

This quilt was hung on the wall and really caught my eye.

 The machine embroidery acts as the quilting
and is really different.

The colours suit the figures brilliantly and these 
are on the back as well as the front.
A real work of art.

These two ladies were there to use the machine
on their quilts.
One day I will make a quilt like this.

I then went to the fabric shop around the corner
which is jammed packed with loads of 
fabrics for quilting and crafting but not much
for dressmaking which is what I was looking for.
I still came away with some bits and pieces though of course.

Saturday was a trip to Morston Quay for coffee and a walk with the dogs.

This is where the seal boats go from.
These take you out to Blakeney Point
where the seal colonies live and it's a lovely trip
although a little chilly at times.

It's also a sailing magnet which a lot of the North Norfolk
 coast is , so there is lines of little boats everywhere.

Although this is the one Mr T fancied.

Having worn the dogs out and
 had our ice cream it was time to go home.

Today my cousin from Oz is coming to stay for a couple of days 
which I'm really excited about.
So another busy week ahead.

Hope you have a good week.