Thursday, 30 September 2010

What is going on?

It is Autumn isn't it?  I mean I have plenty of strange looking fungi all over the garden.
Fantastic colour though.

My sweet chestnut is not living up to expectations as usual. This is a large, beautiful tree at the end of the garden and every year I live in hope that I'm going to get a good crop of chestnuts and every year it disappoints me with small wrinkled nuts.

Even my wiggly tree or  twisted Hazel is covered in nuts. I love this tree in the winter especially when it is covered in frost.

Then how do you explain these? Yes I have strawberries growing. These are new plants that only went in recently. I'm amazed how quickly they have grown.

And my roses are in flower again. Mind you I'm not complaining, the longer I have flowers in the garden the better.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

A few little bits

Today has been a day for finishing projects that have been hanging around for a little while. 
 This is my travel journal for my trip next month. Mr T and I are off to New Zealand for a few weeks .

This is just a few of my harvest of Chillies drying in the kitchen(hopefully).

 This beautiful wool suiting fabric was given to me ages ago and I have been a bit nervous about making it up.
Then when my eldest girl was home I decided to take the plunge and make her a dress for work. I am so pleased with how it's turned out and had enough fabric left to make myself a skirt. Must do the hem on that.

This was once eldest girls favourite coat which was looking a bit worn in places so I've made her a messenger bag with some of it.

The lining is fabric that I know she loves.
With 2 of my 3 swaps sent and the last one ready to go I feel quite pleased with my weekend. Well I had to do something with the weather here being so horrid.
I'm doing lots of socialising this week so will remember to take my camera.
Hope you have all had a good weekend.Speak soon.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I won.

I am the lucky winner of the giveaway from Sal's Snippets , who sells the most fabulous vintage fabrics so I've been looking forward to my parcel and looked what arrived this morning.

Pretty Ribbon
Roses for Rosie

Are not they beautiful!.
 Thank you Sal.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Autumns Garden

I have a home day to myself today, little one has gone away for a couple of weeks, Mr T is at work so it is just me, my constant companions and time to catch up with my friends.

Tilly and Mack who aren't looking to happy as I haven't taken them out yet. That's my next job.

Tom Dick and Harry were on their own originally but no longer. And they say rabbits breed alot.

After my down, up and down again summer I haven't really taken much notice fo my garden so have spent some time out there this morning just taking stock of what needs doing.
It is so nice to see so many flowers still in bloom.

This is beautiful every morning, but like me wilts as the day goes on, but then thats why their called "Morning glory".

Dahlias were very unfashionable at one stage but I love them, they keep flowering so long and late. I restricted myself to just 2 colours though.

I have pots of these hiding all around the garden and am trying to find them all ready for the winter.

These were self seeded and I think they look so romantic growing through the chair so the lawn mowers not going anywhere near them until they die down.

Well time to walk the dogs as they are making me feel guilty.
Enjoy the late sunshine and have a great day my friends.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Fun Days in Norfolk.

What a busy few days I've had, but I'll try and keep it brief.
Lets start with Wednesday when the Tour of Britain cycle race came to Norfolk so we had to go and see it.
First stop, Beacon Hill which is nothing like the hills these guys are used to but I was on the T.V. pictures in the evening, waving my flag. The photos of the riders didn't come out I'm afraid but this shows you where we stood.

This got a cheer as it came up the hill.

Next stop Potter Heigham which is on the broads
and I managed to catch a picture of the leaders.

This had Mr T and Big Brother Ohhing and Ahhing.

But it looked lovely along the river.

Thursday was a day shopping in Norwich with my Sister -in-law, then today has been a day of inspiration and temptation.
SIL and I went here which was being held in Wolterton Hall Nr Aylsham.

Lots of lovely things to see and buy.
These are bits of lace and embroidery from all over the world. this stall had hundreds of these little bits for sale. Too tempting for me as they were half price for today.

These two quilts were made by members of the Norfolk quilters guild and are raffle prizes. Wish me luck!

Lots of lovelyness from Norfolk Yarns.

Next stop Blickling Hall, just down the road.This place is fabulous to look around which of course we did.

Then to the gallery where they had a textile art exhibition. I love these dolls.

Time for a cream tea then home.
My visitors leave tomorrow so back to normal for me.


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Next the Sea.

Isn't it strange that you can go somewhere hundreds of times but not really know notice your surroundings. I have been to Wells so many times but always to the Quay side and had fish and chips.

But then what a lovely view to look at while eating them.

This morning I went to Wells next the sea to meet my cousin for coffee as she had brought me a rose bush for my garden in memory of my Mum. It is called "loving memory" and will apparently look like this. Isn't it lovely.

I arrived early so had a wander around the back streets.

The first thing I found was this hidden away in the back, so I had to spend a while poking about. I did buy a couple of little bits but they are for pressies so no photo's.

There were quite a few of these plaques about in what is obviously the old High Street.

Wonder what they did here.

I really will have to take more notice of local surroundings in future.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Onward and upwards

The next stage of my few days away was going back up country, even if only a little way to Somerset to where one of my brothers live and my Mum was born.
Frome is a lovely little town, if it was nearer to the sea I could live there. It has some fantastic indivdual little shops especially in Catherines Hill where the vintage shops are. Here have a look although some of the photo's aren't brilliant

The yarn shop is great with really helpful staff but I did manage to resist buying any

This place had lots of interesting bits and bobs to look through but again I resisted.

But then came Millie Moon and all my resolve went out of the window.I bought a Tilda book from here

and buttons from here. Well it was the first day of their new bigger shop so I had to support them didn't I.

Then a wander around some of the other shops,

cute little walkways and alleys,

I love this little river running down the hill.

before ending up here for

one of these.

I'm now feeling ready to face the world again I think.

Have a good evening.