Saturday, 18 September 2010

Fun Days in Norfolk.

What a busy few days I've had, but I'll try and keep it brief.
Lets start with Wednesday when the Tour of Britain cycle race came to Norfolk so we had to go and see it.
First stop, Beacon Hill which is nothing like the hills these guys are used to but I was on the T.V. pictures in the evening, waving my flag. The photos of the riders didn't come out I'm afraid but this shows you where we stood.

This got a cheer as it came up the hill.

Next stop Potter Heigham which is on the broads
and I managed to catch a picture of the leaders.

This had Mr T and Big Brother Ohhing and Ahhing.

But it looked lovely along the river.

Thursday was a day shopping in Norwich with my Sister -in-law, then today has been a day of inspiration and temptation.
SIL and I went here which was being held in Wolterton Hall Nr Aylsham.

Lots of lovely things to see and buy.
These are bits of lace and embroidery from all over the world. this stall had hundreds of these little bits for sale. Too tempting for me as they were half price for today.

These two quilts were made by members of the Norfolk quilters guild and are raffle prizes. Wish me luck!

Lots of lovelyness from Norfolk Yarns.

Next stop Blickling Hall, just down the road.This place is fabulous to look around which of course we did.

Then to the gallery where they had a textile art exhibition. I love these dolls.

Time for a cream tea then home.
My visitors leave tomorrow so back to normal for me.



  1. Oooooh, what beauuuuutiful yarns!!!

  2. wow that fair looks like it held a lot of wonderful treasure!

  3. Awwww all those places remind me of our Family holidays on the broads. Norfolk is so lovely, and what a wonderful day of beautiful things xxx
    p.s GOOD LUCK X

  4. I love the area in which you live and have spent many a holiday in Norfolk.
    Love those dolls too !! ;-)

  5. Looks like you've been having fun!
    The textile fair looks great, and I love those dolls too:)

  6. Hi Gill
    You have been busy too, though in a slightly more envious way than me. Ah Blickling, haven't been there for a while as daughter no longer does the craft shows that used to be there, but hope to be going again soon. Lovely pictures. Hope you are keeping well, it's lovely that I can now match the real person to the blog!
    Jenny x