Thursday, 26 May 2011


Hi All.
Firstly thank you all for your messages of support it means so much and I am feeling better.  So much so I'm writing another post a lot quicker than I thought I would be.  The thing is I just couldn't not tell you about today.

I don't think I have told you that I'm researching my family tree have I. Well one of my Grandfathers came from a tiny village called Stert near Devizes and although I have driven through Devizes dozens  of times over the years I have never stopped until today. I hadn't realised what a lovely town it is.

This is the image that I suppose it is most famous for, the Caen Hill locks on the Kennet and Avon Canal
but I wanted to wander around the town centre to see what was there and the area my ancestors would have grown up in.

Thursday is Market day and they have a lovely old fashioned Market place full of stalls as well as an undercover market.

And some very grand looking buildings all around the edge.

But when you start to wander around you find these fantastic little lanes tucked away with some fabulous shops.

Urban Rustics which is just about to move into the shop above was definitely one of my favourites.

Three shelves plus loads of bags and other bits and bobs  all dedicated to you know who.

I was very tempted by the cardboard picnic set.

I need a new light in the kitchen, I don't think Mr T would go for this one  but I think it's Fabulous.

And you know me with coloured glass

I was desperately trying to think how I could justify buying this and couldn't come up with a reason but Sister-in-law bought the perfect throw for her bed which looks beautiful.

Just across the way is the Blue Stone Gallery with some really great stuff.
These brooches are paper mache and were just a small sample of this artist work which I loved.

One of these made it into my shopping basket

 Oh dear more ceramics, just to let you know the pictures were stunning too, I just love ceramics.

This is so quirky it amazing.

Then back into the lanes.

The grooms mother trying on hats for the forthcoming wedding in the most amazing hat shop.

Then theres the kitchen shop, a sweet shop for grown ups.

Did I mention the market has a fabric stall that sells Clark & Clark fabric so of course some of that is also coming home with me.

In the words of Arnie "I will be back" especially as the museum has an amazing archive section  that you can get access to so some future research beckons.

Stourhead tomorrow to see the rhododendrons, lets hope the rain clears up.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011


You might have noticed my last couple of posts have been a bit short, well the truth is my dark cloud came to visit  and I started having panic attacks again.  I was also finding it hard to write anything much. For reasons I won't go into it has been caused by work so I have put in my notice before it got any worse and I had to resort to medication, it took me long enough to get off it.  So it's back to being a domestic goddess and my crafting which has actually lifted a big weight from my shoulders and I feel better already.

My friend Loopy Lou has helped me through these set backs before and decided I needed a morning at Aylsham Auction.  I love auctions, there is just so much stuff to poke about in that you might want or even need,

boxes of vintage bags

books, comics,maps and hats

I used to have loads of dolls like these when I was little.

I love this book but it was part of a huge box of childrens books and I didn't want them all. Shame.

The dead stock sale has so many things I could use in the garden I was very tempted.

Loopy Lou and I did succumb to this lot though. 
3 boxes of vintage linen.

One of the hand embroidered tablecloths had never been used and had been given as a present. It still had the label on it so Loopy Lou is trying to find out something about the lady.

This is the cloth and it is lovely.

This is my purchase, the perfect chair for my spare bedroom dressing table, all I have to do now is repair the seat. Anyone know how to do rush seating.

Mr T  and I are going away for a few days down to Frome to see my family and where I'm going to do a course in Felting here. I promise to take lots of photos.

I'm taking my computer so I can keep up with what every one is doing and if we go anywhere nice i'll let you know.
So have a great week.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Caro Emerald - A Night Like This - Official video

The favourite song in our household at the moment. Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Plant of the week

I bought this Clematis the year my Mother had her first stroke as it is called Marjorie which was her name and now it climbs all over my apple tree.

Clematis Montana Marjorie 

Every bit as lovely as its name sake who I miss terribly.


Saturday, 14 May 2011

A new me

Well what do you think?
After my post here I decided to have a complete makeover. I closed my shops with Etsy and Folksy under the old name and started again so that now every thing is called DosieRosie.

Then having seen what a fantastic job she did with Kandi Pandi ( check out her  great tutorial on Hexie's),  I contacted Angie at Artwork by Angie and she did my fantastic new artwork.  I absolutely love it.

 So now I'm just waiting for my new cards and stickers to arrive from Moo ( Angie did designs for those as well) and I'm totally rebranded.  Now I need to get my A*** in gear and list something.

Have a great weekend.


Monday, 9 May 2011

Watching Clouds

Today was supposed to be a practical day, getting things done around the house like a bit of painting but first buy your paint, so off to Homebase.
Now I know from the radio that some of you have had dreadful weather today so I do feel a little guilty saying this but we have had a glorious day and driving to Homebase this morning I got distracted (nothing new there then)and I started cloud watching. I wasn't driving by the way, just in case you were wondering.
Cloud watching is something I have never outgrown since childhood, finding animals, faces and things in the shapes of the clouds. It was a favourite game for me and my Mother  and  today was the perfect day for it.

 I can see a dog sitting up,what can you see?

It seemed such a waste to spend such a beautiful day decorating so I suggested a coffee at Felbrigg Hall on the way home.  Mr T will agree to anything if it delays the decorating.

We had company for our coffee break.

Then on getting back to the car we found we were parked right next to the walled garden and being NT members ( free entry, well sort of) and both easily distracted we decided to have a wander round. 
Warning lots of photos ahead!!

We made lots of friends.
Some noisier than others.

  Guinea Fowl are really really noisy

These are now my best friends, I did invite them to come and stay but Mr T wasn't so sure.

The old Dove cote is lovely and still has Doves in it.

And the handsome cockerels dining room.

Then there's the Garden itself which I will let speak for itself.

A Much better way to spend a morning than decorating don't you think.
We spent the afternoon in our own garden and never got around to the painting. Never mind there's always tomorrow that's if I don't find something else to do.