Saturday, 24 May 2014

Good For The Soul

So The Chelsea flower show has come to an end for this year. Maybe next year I will get to see it again.  I love to see the big show gardens and see how they use plants to create these beautiful areas which I think look stunning at Chelsea, but  my favourites are the small artisan gardens.  They are little areas of pure magic that give an idea of what you could do no matter what  size your garden, whether you have just a small courtyard or a little area in your large garden that you want to change. I find them  an inspiration and keep looking at my garden wondering where I could be that creative (maybe).

I love my garden.
It is a place I can be , nurturing, energetic, creative or contemplative depending
on how I feel.

I love to wander around with a cup of coffee deciding what I want to do, choosing which plants to move,which to propagate  or just admiring the wonderful variety that Mother Nature comes up with. Although quite often  I end up going indoors with dirty hands.

A garden is ever changing, a flower that wasn't there yesterday has suddenly sprung forth over night or a bud has appeared on that new plant you put in  recently. 

You find visitors that you didn't invite but who have decided this is a nice place to make their home. Some are very welcome but of course some most definitely are not.


  We even have a resident hedgehog we call Russell who we see occasionally.

My garden has helped me get through   bouts of depression and get my head back together again  on more than one occasion.   It has seen my 3 children grow up, birthday parties,family reunions, water fights, fireworks and BBQ's. It has changed dramatically over the years from a playground and race track for the children, to what it is today,--something  which I think looks beautiful and which I am proud of.    

    Etoile de Hollande Climbing rose

    Gertrude Jekyll

    Moss Rose originally from my Grandfathers garden.

Bay Tree

It also holds so many memories,  many of the plants have a special meaning. Theres the Bay tree my mother gave me nearly 20 years ago as a tiny little thing( one of dozens of plants she gave me all of which remind me of her), the beautiful white rose ( silver celebration) we got as a silver wedding present, the rose called Patricia I bought in memory of my Mother in Law and the wonderful Clematis 'Marjorie'  I planted in memory of my Mum and which scrambles through our apple tree.  

Clematis  Montana Marjorie

We also have all sorts of other things hiding out there such as the bird bath my little one made me buy when she was 4 years old and the industrial drill bit my husbands oldest friend gave him one day ( it's  a boy thing) and even some stone carving done by my own fair hands.

A north facing bed plus drill bit.

Herbs by the back door

 Gardening is something that both my husband and I love doing and brings us closer together, he does the veggies and I do the flowers.  Everytime we consider down sizing to a smaller house it's the garden that makes us think twice.



Monday, 12 May 2014

One Ends and Another Begins

Well my quilt is finished.
This is the one I have been doing in 
my Patchwork group since january.
The colours were specifically chosen for this spare room
but I think I should have added another couple of rows
 so it covered the whole top of the bed.
Never mind I will just have to make another one
to fit better but for the time being this one looks alright.

So work has started on this terms quilt
and I have decided to go brighter with
my colours this time although
I'm now wondering if they are going
to be a bit too 'in your face'.

I don't have a specific place or purpose for this one
so I suppose it doesn't matter really.

It's another sample style quilt with 6x12" blocks 
set on points. The spaces will probably be white to 
keep it light and airy.
So watch this space.

My other W.I.P at the moment is some more
baby named bunting, this time for a friends
little Granddaughter called Erin.
Pretty name.
I've been asked for pastel shades and this is what I've come up with.
I was going to do the letters in white but they don't look right
so have to try something else.

Since writing the above I've finished  the bunting and 
it has gone off to it's new home.

Now what's next on my list?


Friday, 9 May 2014

Birthday Treats.

 Aren't friends wonderful!

I just had to show you the birthday tea
my lovely friend Chris bought for me on Tuesday.

We went to Folly's tea rooms in Holt 
which has been in a couple of magazines recently
including Country Living.

It is tucked away in a little courtyard
with pretty gardens.

I absolutely love the mix of colours with these Tulips.

But of course it was raining when we went
so we sat in the new orangery extension
and looked out at the garden from the dry.

Everything is served on nice old china
and as it was a Birthday treat I got a candle
and a rendition of Happy Birthday which 
made me feel very special.
It's the little things like that which  really matter
sometimes, isn't it.

You even get a fresh rose on the plate of scones.

 After our tea we had a nice wander around the shops 
and spent a bit of money just to round things off.

I had a Wonderful morning
so thank you so much Chris.

 And Thank You to another friend, Carol,
for this fabulous Azalea which makes me smile everytime
I open the back door.

Yes friends are wonderful things.


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tilly's New Venture

Now this is something I don't usually do 
but today I'm making an exception.

What am I doing? 
Well I'm doing a promotion…
a very special one for my lovely friend
and fellow blogger 


I met Tilly a few years ago at  bloggers meet up
in Peterborough and we hit it off straight away.

She has a wonderful enthusiasm for all things vintage
and her handcrafted items are beautiful as well as inspirational.

Well Tilly has now put all her creative flair and enthusiasm into
creating a new on line magazine.

It has some lovely pictures in among interesting
articles from guest bloggers, recipes and tutorials

It's called

So if vintage is your thing then click above for a preview

and I wish her all luck in the world with her new venture.



Just want to add a big Thank You for all
the Good wishes for my Birthday and Anniversary.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Aprils Scavenger Hunt

It's the 1st of the month 

Which means it's
time for my photos for this months Scavenger Hunt
Once again my thanks to Green Thumb at Made with Love
for organising this every month.

1. 11am
Taken from the car on the A47
as we were travelling home after our few days away.

2. Truck
or at least the front of one.

We have had the Elephant trail in Norwich
This shows just how smooth and shiny they are.

Heres another one with a beautiful
stained glass window painted on it.

4. Scrap

Pile of scrap wood on some waste ground.
Not a very good photo I'm afraid 
as it was a last minute find.

5. Carry
Another Elephant, this one painted by our
friend Martin Wall, with a nice sentiment.

Here it is from the front.

and although not Scavenger Hunt photos
here are a few of our favourites

This one is my husbands

And this one is mine even with the lights
shining on it.

The Elephants are apparently touring the UK
over the Summer
so if you get the chance to see them they are well worth it.

Back to the Scavenger Hunt

6. A is for…

Abbey. Newstead Abbey.

7. Scale
I was struck by the different sizes of the windows
in the Abbey ruins, Maybe not exactly scale but I struggled with this one.

8. Match
Matching flower beds.

9. Layers
Some very clever Topiary.

10. Logo
 The Bin it logo. 

11. Paths
These go through the estate of Thoresby Hall.

I love these floor tiles .

So that's my contribution for this month.
A month when I've been very quite haven't I but
with various bits and pieces it has been a bit trying
Still,  today is my 32nd Wedding anniversary and
Saturday is my Birthday so time to
look forward and have some fun maybe.