Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Scavenger Hunt July

It's time for this months photo's in the scavenger hunt run by
 Green Thumb at Made with Love's .
So here is my contribution.

1. Black
My black labrador Tilly.

2. Technology.
I struggled with this one so went
with old technology.

3. Bright
The lovely Marigolds in a local garden.

4. Numbers
A local fishing boat.

5. Wheel
An old car wheel 

6. Umbrella
Outside the R.N.L.I. beach lifeguard hut.

7. Smile

Saw these in the gift shop at Sandringham
(where the Queen spends Christmas)

8. Feet
On a wood carving of a squirrel
in the grounds of Sandringham park

Here he is

9. The great outdoors

The North Norfolk Coast

10. Coins
Left over from various holidays.

11. 11

Couldn't find a number 11 anywhere so went with
11 plates in my plate rack.

And finally
12. Something very old
An ancient Oak in our local woods.

Thank you to Green thumb for organising this
and look forward to next months.


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Weird and Wonderful

Many years ago/once upon a time a Mother took her three small
children to the school fete. While they were there one of the children
wanted an ugly cactus for their bedroom so the mother, being a very nice Mum,
bought it for them knowing it would be difficult for them to kill.

Years past and the children grew up and the moved away 
leaving the poor cactus all alone on the window sill unloved and uncared for.

The Mother felt sorry for it so put it in her greenhouse
with some other plants where it was warm and looked after.

Then one morning the Mother went into the greenhouse where she found
the ugly old cactus had grown a huge and beautiful flower
which was much bigger than the cactus itself.
Proving good things come to those who wait or whatever moral 
you want to gain from this story.

Have a great day.


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Where has the time gone.

I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since my last post,
what have I been doing?

Well I had my Brother to stay for a few days so there was
lunch and a walk around the walled garden at Felbrigg
to see how much it had changed in the last 3 months,
which was when I took this picture.

Here is the same wall now.

And of course as he lives so far from the sea in Wiltshire,
we have to have Fish and Chips on Cromer beach.
Family tradition upheld then.

I have also been spoiling myself .
Well we all deserve to spoil ourselves sometimes don't we.

 I have two new books all about quilting.
These are my first quilting books so I think I have been fairly
restrained really as I started quilting in January.
One is Kaffe fassett's Simple Shapes,Spectacular quilts
which you can have a quick look at here

The other is Material obsession found here.
I wanted to show you which were my favourite quilts
but I'm not sure how we come off with copyright
so have erred on the side of caution and gone with the link.

This is my latest finished quilt that has been done in my quilting class.

The centre is a mariners compass with waves done the side,
all very nautical. No idea what I'm going to do with it 
but then that isn't the point is it
I enjoyed making it.
The next class starts in September and
 I'm going to do a Christmas table runner.
Sorry ladies shouldn't have mentioned that word quite yet should I.

Here is my last purchase, a real extravagance.
Liberty lawn fabric from the Selvedge sale.
Aren't they beautiful?
Time to find a pattern to make something 
out of them or else I might just keep them to look at.

Anyway enjoy the rest of your weekend.
See you soon.


Friday, 5 July 2013

A Rose for Rosie

Three beautiful new roses for my garden.

Have a great weekend all of you.