Sunday, 28 July 2013

Weird and Wonderful

Many years ago/once upon a time a Mother took her three small
children to the school fete. While they were there one of the children
wanted an ugly cactus for their bedroom so the mother, being a very nice Mum,
bought it for them knowing it would be difficult for them to kill.

Years past and the children grew up and the moved away 
leaving the poor cactus all alone on the window sill unloved and uncared for.

The Mother felt sorry for it so put it in her greenhouse
with some other plants where it was warm and looked after.

Then one morning the Mother went into the greenhouse where she found
the ugly old cactus had grown a huge and beautiful flower
which was much bigger than the cactus itself.
Proving good things come to those who wait or whatever moral 
you want to gain from this story.

Have a great day.



  1. Ha! Brilliant, Gill, what a lovely flower. Now my husband has just done the exact opposite ; spotting a couple of plants with huge, ugly leaves sprouting up from no-where, he dug them out. But he missed one, and from this we have a beautiful purple hollyhock! Yes, he gardens but he don't know his flaars! Lx

  2. What a lovely mother :) and a stunning flower too!