Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Scavenger Hunt July

It's time for this months photo's in the scavenger hunt run by
 Green Thumb at Made with Love's .
So here is my contribution.

1. Black
My black labrador Tilly.

2. Technology.
I struggled with this one so went
with old technology.

3. Bright
The lovely Marigolds in a local garden.

4. Numbers
A local fishing boat.

5. Wheel
An old car wheel 

6. Umbrella
Outside the R.N.L.I. beach lifeguard hut.

7. Smile

Saw these in the gift shop at Sandringham
(where the Queen spends Christmas)

8. Feet
On a wood carving of a squirrel
in the grounds of Sandringham park

Here he is

9. The great outdoors

The North Norfolk Coast

10. Coins
Left over from various holidays.

11. 11

Couldn't find a number 11 anywhere so went with
11 plates in my plate rack.

And finally
12. Something very old
An ancient Oak in our local woods.

Thank you to Green thumb for organising this
and look forward to next months.



  1. Thats funny Gill, I thought I was already following you, but apparently not. Well, anyway, I am now. Great set of scavenger pictures, well done. And I just had a look at your previous post, what a lovely surprise. Have you told the child who left it?
    Joy xx

  2. Some lovely photos and ideas. I particularly like Numbers, Great Outdoors and Smile. x

  3. Lovely and colorful photos, Gill! Is that old technology some kind of water pump?

  4. Great photos, I love that old tree.

  5. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I really like your photos of feet, smile and umbrella. Greenthumb.

  6. Great photos... such vibrant colors! Great interpretation for the "old" technology and feet! The old tree and great outdoors are lovely. Susan

  7. Wonderful interpretations. I love that old tree.

  8. Great photos - I also love the tree.


  9. I really liked technology and numbers...and smile made me smile.

  10. Fabulous photos and I love the photo of the North Norfolk Coast, as that's where I'll be in September....woohoo! x

  11. That's some feet the squirrel's got!

  12. Oh to have a plate rack! Great photos!