About Me

Welcome one and all.
My name is Gill and I'm a born again crafter. I live near the beautiful North Norfolk coast with ever patient and wonderful other half.  My three beautiful children have all grown up and moved out so I'm now what an "empty nester".
 I had to take early retirement from my full time career after suffering from depression and what used to be called a breakdown, not sure what they call it now but I was told " that isn't a phrase we like to use", How about a wobble, that doesn't sound quite so dramatic does it.
  One of the ways I got my life back together was getting my sewing machine out again. I had done very little sewing in recent years, except the occasional bit of cross stitch or tapestry, as it was always such a hassle to get the sewing machine out. Then when my son moved out I took over his bedroom for my craft room and now there is no stopping me.
I have been sewing since I was 9 and in fact won a prize for it at school, (a book about motorbikes, would you believe, as my brothers used to race them) but I still like to do various workshops and learn new things.

I love days out and am also a keen gardener so I write about those a lot to.

  I started this blog  firstly to see if I could, but also to try to get my confidence back as it is one of the things you lose when you have a slight wobble.  It has certainly done that and so much more, I do still suffer from depression occasionally  ( my dark cloud) and always will but then so do thousands of others and being able to read what other people are up to and to see that I'm not alone is fantastic.

So my friends thank you for your support, grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and enjoy the ride.