Sunday, 28 August 2011

Season of Mellow Fruitfulness

I love this time of year and the phrase Mellow fruitfulness suits it so well.
My garden is bursting with what would have been our Winter stocks years ago and my freezer is filling up nicely. I was given a load of Damsons the other day so I have even been making chutney and Damson cement   jam( over boiled it slightly). 

Our young Russet has done well this year.

Nuts galore!

This tree has lived here a lot longer than we have and looks stunning every year although I have no idea what sort it is, taste nice though.

Mr Ts precious single pear, I hope it taste good, he has been nurturing this all summer.

And then of course the late summer flowers along with a few dried seeds heads for my winter vases.

Have a great Bank holiday Monday.


Thursday, 25 August 2011

How did I do that!!!

Please will someone tell me how on earth I used to work full time AND look after a family of 5.

I have had both daughters at home over the summer and  various other visitors off and on.
Now don't get me wrong  I love having a house full but I'm exhausted and I don't work at all now.
Any crafting has gone out the window.

So to all you youngsters out there who have young children, hold down a job and still manage to do your crafts.


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A mini Break

After all the excitement of last week Mr T and I decided to have a couple of days away, not that we went very far just to the In-laws cottage in Snettisham.  Theres nobody there at the moment so it was perfect for a change of scenery.  On a straight drive it takes about an hour but we meandered along the coast stopping here and there for coffee and cake. 
We met this handsome couple at our first stop and I couldn't resist the photo.

On to Brancaster where you get Oysters and hundreds of little sailing boats.

I love the detritus of the fishing industry.

Then on to Holme for a picnic lunch in the dunes.

Before walking along the beach to Old Hunstanton for afternoon tea.

I love these Beach Huts.

Back along the Coastal path to the car.
We will walk all of this one day( apparently).

And finally fish and chips on Snetttisham beach in the evening to watch the sea birds in their thousands.
This is the Wash and that isn't water you can see as the tide is out.

Back along the coast to Burnham Deepdale
looking out across the marshes

A house boat anyone.

 sea lavender, this turns the marshes purple when it's all out.

I always think this looks funny, just seeing the sails and not the water.

Next stop Morston Quay which is where you catch the boats for the seal trips out to Blakeney point.

This is where we signed the petition to stop the change in the planning laws which could have  devastating effect in this area.

Then home in time for tea feeling very refreshed.


Friday, 19 August 2011


It's that time of year again.
Cromer Carnival has been going all week with the parade on Wednesday.
Here's my Eldest and youngest doing their bit in the parade. The picture was taken by my middle one.

Fireworks on Thursday.
Then Friday is the Fancy Dress party in a huge marquee on the Carnival field.  This is by ticket only so tends to be local people who go year after year and boy do they push the boat out.

All week my house has been a workshop for my girls and their mates. My sewing machine has been working over time putting on nearly 20 metres of ribbon to cheap primark shirts.
My daughter said the look she got when she went to the till with 10 Men's shirts, all the same, and 6 pairs of men's one piece long johns ( for the boyfriends who are going as victorian bathers) was hilarious.

Buttons had glitter added

Then I had balloons covered in paper mache hanging from the beams.

Before being finished on the kitchen table.

Fabric paint being stencilled on to shirts

followed by lots of Glitter, Even the poor dogs are covered in it.

I have knocked one down every time I went past.

 Then the make up, hairspray, false eyelashes and props appeared

My stash was raided on several occasions.
 I love these.

They all had names such as Glitter Pins and this one.

This is my little one from the first picture looking a bit different

to transform by lovely daughters in to " Bowling for Mushroom"-- Don't ask!!!
It's something to do with a race horse and a band (called bowling for soup) and one of their other friends is going as a mushroom.
Clear as mud.
I think they looked fantastic and am so impressed with the work they have put in this year.

So now they have left my house looking like a bomb has hit it and gone to meet the rest of the "team" my friend and I are going to get fish and chips, sit on the cliff top at Cromer and watch everyone walk up to the marquee.

Have a great weekend.