Friday, 19 August 2011


It's that time of year again.
Cromer Carnival has been going all week with the parade on Wednesday.
Here's my Eldest and youngest doing their bit in the parade. The picture was taken by my middle one.

Fireworks on Thursday.
Then Friday is the Fancy Dress party in a huge marquee on the Carnival field.  This is by ticket only so tends to be local people who go year after year and boy do they push the boat out.

All week my house has been a workshop for my girls and their mates. My sewing machine has been working over time putting on nearly 20 metres of ribbon to cheap primark shirts.
My daughter said the look she got when she went to the till with 10 Men's shirts, all the same, and 6 pairs of men's one piece long johns ( for the boyfriends who are going as victorian bathers) was hilarious.

Buttons had glitter added

Then I had balloons covered in paper mache hanging from the beams.

Before being finished on the kitchen table.

Fabric paint being stencilled on to shirts

followed by lots of Glitter, Even the poor dogs are covered in it.

I have knocked one down every time I went past.

 Then the make up, hairspray, false eyelashes and props appeared

My stash was raided on several occasions.
 I love these.

They all had names such as Glitter Pins and this one.

This is my little one from the first picture looking a bit different

to transform by lovely daughters in to " Bowling for Mushroom"-- Don't ask!!!
It's something to do with a race horse and a band (called bowling for soup) and one of their other friends is going as a mushroom.
Clear as mud.
I think they looked fantastic and am so impressed with the work they have put in this year.

So now they have left my house looking like a bomb has hit it and gone to meet the rest of the "team" my friend and I are going to get fish and chips, sit on the cliff top at Cromer and watch everyone walk up to the marquee.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Oh, I do like a good carnival, your lot seem to have put loads of effort into this years event, it's nice they didn't ask you to do it all, enjoy your chips on the cliff, you deserve a bit of time out :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. Sounds like they are going to have a great time, and yours doesn't sound bad either! Absolutely love Cromer. Been their so many times when we were camping in Beeston Regis when the kids were small and DD still goes there at least once a year. Have a great weekend and hope you manage to get rid of the glitter (eventually)
    Jenny x

  3. Love it, they all do look fabulous! Scarlett x