Friday, 30 September 2011

The Beautiful Peaks.

We have just had four days walking in The peak district so I thought I'd show you a few photos.

I'm very stiff after so much walking but it was worth it.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

How things change.

  We were invited to a friends 25th Wedding anniversary near to Hyde Park this weekend and I suggested we book a hotel and stay for a couple of days.  10 years ago Mr T wouldn't even have considered this but middle age seems to have mellowed him and he agreed.

So this is our Friday in the smoke.

Our first stop was the Old Spitalfields Market for a coffee and a look around  Origin
The Contemporary Craft Fair which I had seen advertised in my Selvedge Mag.
It was really interesting with some stunning work and some seriously weird but follow the link
It's well worth a look as I have no photos I'm afraid.

Then we walked down Petticoat Lane to the Tower 

And St Catherines Dock which is very expensive

Pretty pub.

I had to show you this, we think it's a private yacht  
but it's the same size as the Belfast. What do you think?

Anyway over Tower Bridge as our Hotel is just the other side

The view from the middle looking East.

A quick stop at the fashion and Textile Museum
 which is just 5 mins from London Bridge station 
and is worth a visit if your in the area.

The exhibition  at the moment is about Tommy Nutter who was a ground breaking Saville Row Tailor and who made bespoke suits for people like Mick Jagger and Ringo Starr.  This picture is some of the ones he did for Elton John but I took loads of photos here as some of the suits were so iconic. I hope to get around to doing a post on them soon, remind me if I forget.

My husband never fails to amaze me as he knew all about him and enjoyed the exhibition more than I did.

Along the South Bank of the river past London Bridge

And the Globe

to the Millennium Bridge( which I was quite disappointed with)
Over towards St Pauls

and back to the Tate Modern, our next stop

This, believe it or not, was what I wanted to see, the pile of handmade ceramic sunflower seeds which originally you could walk in but had to be shut because it caused so much dust.

Some of the other exhibits were as "interesting" and some were instantly recognisable.

Saturday was taken up mostly with the party but for the first time in my life I saw the bridge open and a boat come through. For me that alone was worth the visit.

I know the wether helped but
We both had an amazing time and Mr T is talking about going again.
Yes it is definitely  his age.


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Tour of Britain 2011

Today the Tour of Britain hit East Anglia and as Mr T and I are big cycling fans we went to Sandringham to watch the finish.

As we stayed overnight at the in-laws place we got to Sandringham early as they were still setting up the 
Sponsors stands and the crowds have yet to arrive but it meant we got a coffee without queueing.

There was a lot going on with local brass bands playing 
and food producers selling their wares as well as displays and things to keep the kids occupied.

Tilly and Mack came too of course.

The finish line at 11am.

Morris and his dancers.

There were lots of vintage bikes with their riders wearing period costume. 

The finish line at 2.30pm. or as near as I could get.

 Mack got bored and started playing tug of war with the lead of a friends dog much to Tillys disgust.

Heres the winner,taken from a video.

And the man everyone wants to see, 
the Amazing Mark Cavendish.

The trouble is they come past so quickly but the atmosphere is fantastic.

The dogs are exhausted and have slept ever since we got home

I won't be far behind them.


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sod's Law.

In my house Sod's law dictates that whenever my other half goes on a training course  something goes wrong at home, This week it has run true to form.  Not only have I had to buy a new hoover but the winds this week have brought down part of the garden fence on to one of my flower beds and I can't lift it off.  
The winds have also turned my Apple tree from this

To this--apples everywhere.

I've given bags full to friends and have baskets full for myself.

I also have loads of fallen Hazel nuts

And lbs of Tomatos

Now you won't hear me say this very often but I've been cooking.
It's not that I don't cook it's just that I sometimes find it a real chore .

But with so many apples I decided to make pies and strudel for the freezer.
I also made my first Tarte Tatin which didn't last long as my little one, one of her friends and I demolished it for tea.  I might have to make it more often.

I think this might have to be my monthly make.

Hope the high winds didn't cause too much damage in your area.