Saturday, 17 September 2011

Tour of Britain 2011

Today the Tour of Britain hit East Anglia and as Mr T and I are big cycling fans we went to Sandringham to watch the finish.

As we stayed overnight at the in-laws place we got to Sandringham early as they were still setting up the 
Sponsors stands and the crowds have yet to arrive but it meant we got a coffee without queueing.

There was a lot going on with local brass bands playing 
and food producers selling their wares as well as displays and things to keep the kids occupied.

Tilly and Mack came too of course.

The finish line at 11am.

Morris and his dancers.

There were lots of vintage bikes with their riders wearing period costume. 

The finish line at 2.30pm. or as near as I could get.

 Mack got bored and started playing tug of war with the lead of a friends dog much to Tillys disgust.

Heres the winner,taken from a video.

And the man everyone wants to see, 
the Amazing Mark Cavendish.

The trouble is they come past so quickly but the atmosphere is fantastic.

The dogs are exhausted and have slept ever since we got home

I won't be far behind them.



  1. We saw them pass right by our house at around 11.30 this morning ... all very exciting, loads of people lining the streets to cheer them on, great atmosphere.

  2. Hello! I just wanted to say hi :D I've just read LaaLaa's blog and found out I'm your Christmas Decoration Swap partner! Soooo....hellooooo! Looking forward to having a read....lovely to find your blog :)

    Jo x