Thursday, 28 April 2011

April Scavenger hunt

Only 9 of my 12 photos as for some reason blogger doesn't like the rest, maybe it's the quality of my photos that offends it.

This is Cromer Church right in the middle of town which,I'm told, has a fantastic view from the top of the tower.  They do open it to the public I just haven't plucked up the courage to go up there yet.

My Breakfast.

In celebration of St George

We have had very little rain here so this is the nearest I got to April showers.

A field of rape passed on the way to work.

Lots of eggs painted for decoration at work.

My lovely camera

Our key tray.

Oh so cosy.

Happy Birthday William.

Thank you all for the advice from my last post. I've shut down my old shops and started again so that everything is now called Dosierosie so wish me luck.

Enjoy your day tomorrow.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I need a little help from my friends.

Don't worry, all I'm asking for is advice.  The problem I have is with my Folksy/Etsy shops. I've never really talked about my shops have I?  And to be honest they don't do that well but that is down to me I suppose.  My brothers and I were never allowed to celebrate or boast about anything we did well and had to accept defeat with dignity. If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two just the same( If -Kipling). It's something that has stuck with all of us and  I agree with the second part but if your lucky enough to be good at something then you should show off abit don't you think.  One of my brothers is a great  pen and ink artist but the only people that have his pictures are family as he wouldn't dream of trying to sell them. Sorry this is all getting a bit deep isn't it.

Anyway back to my shops, my photos and description need a lot of work and I need to sell myself more but the problem I have is do I change the names of the shops?  At the moment my user name is DosyRosie and the shop is DosieRosie( a senior moment on my part) and a lot of people have had trouble finding me, Not surprisingly. So do I change them to DosyRosie ( as that can't be changed) along with my blog, do I change it completely, such as Gilly T or something, or do I open a completely new shop with  a new e-mail, user name, the lot and just keep Dosie Rosie as my blog.  Don't you hate big decisions
I sell different things on each site.
Etsy is vintage supplies, patterns and  magazines, such as these ( see what I mean about the photos)

Folksy is my handmade stuff as well as a few vintage buttons .

Getting better?

Answers please on a postcard!!!!

Just to cheer you up after that, I'm 52 next week (hence the big decision) and Yesterday I had my face painted for the very first time.
We had an Easter egg hunt in the grounds at work with games and facepainting for the kids and as I working along side all this I had mine done as well. She was brilliant.

Just look at the flowers and ignore the rest.

See you soon.


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Monthly makes

I have been having great fun this week .
 I signed up to make pillowcase dresses to be sent to Haiti or Uganda with Sew Scrumptious and it's been such fun making little girls dresses again.  So here is my monthly make.

I love this colour and the flowered  fabric is from an old dress of mine. I really like the mix.

The light blue fabric is Peter Rabbit and the flower is a charity shop find last year.

They have both been packaged up and sent off .

I also treated Mr T with a new cushion made with some lovely old Sanderson fabric that his Mum gave me.  He loves it.

Hope you have all had a good Easter, back to work for me tomorrow.


Friday, 22 April 2011

Plant of the week

Veronica gentian Blue (I think)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Additions to my library.

I have spoilt myself and bought 2 new books from Amazon to add to my library of craft books which I must admit is getting quite big but you never know what you might learn so I class them as educational resources. No Mr T didn't fall for that line either but they are just so pretty.

This one by Poppy Treffry who does some fab stuff and she shows you how to do free machine embroidery from the very beginning. See educational.

This is one of my favourite things but I think it might take me a while before I can do any thing like this.

Then there is this one which has some great projects for the home.

There's a tea cosy like this as well both of which I love .
They are made from a felted jumper, embroidery thread and some fabric. I have all of that, think I'll give it a go- when I finish some of my other projects, don't seem to be able to get much done at the moment.

Then there this. I didn't buy this, I won it.
Just before Christmas I got an e-mail from Cloth magazine saying I had won a competition and it arrived on the same day as my parcel from Amazon so what a time I've been having. I had no idea what was in this book and look what I found.

I love her, I want her,

and him, Oh lord that to do list is growing again.

This little cross stitch motive is so pretty and I haven't done any cross stitch for years, I did it all the time when the kids were small so maybe it's time to go back to it.
I have my glasses now so I should be able to see the stitches again.

Oh look, beach huts and you all know how I am about beach huts.

On a sadder note, remember this photo from my last post.

All my beautiful fish happily swimming around.

Early Tuesday morning a bloody heron had the lot and I'm heartbroken. I've had some of them for several years and there were loads of there little ones in there as well. I know it's only the natural way of things( as my son kindly pointed out to me, he might just as well have said "man up Mum")  but still I think they deserve 15 seconds silence, thats one second for every fish.

See you soon.


Monday, 18 April 2011

Girly day out

My girls and I had a trip to Holt today before Eldest daughter goes back to Exeter tomorrow.
We parked next to this tree and I couldn't resist a photo.

Sisters, enjoying the sunshine. Holt is one of our favourite trips with its trendy shops and galleries

We had a look in here.

And here, I think this is a great name for an antique shop.

These I think are great.

And this I love.

But it was time for lunch

So down to Wiveton Hall fruit farm which is on the coast road, has this view straight out across the salt marsh to the sea and serves great food  on Emma Bridgewater china. The weather just made it even better.

Later in the day Eldest and I went to see her close friend Kel who is just finishing her degree in costume design. Today  her sister and a couple of friends to put on some costumes she had designed and made for a fantasy production and which she needed photos for to put in her portfolio.  We went along to see what they were like.

First hair and make up.

This top is part of her next project with french seams and elbow darts.

One subject finished complete with boned corset.

A last couple of stitches and the bird is finished. They went on to the beach to take the photos.
 I think they are great and hopefully she is going to have a great career ahead of her.

Hope you have had a great weekend and welcome to my new followers.


Friday, 15 April 2011

Plant of the week

Caltha Palustris

Or Marsh Marigold


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Des Res, needs TLC

Located in a quiet and secluded lane, Just a 10 walk---to the nearest road.

Nice neighbours (the occasional pheasant) and pretty view.

Well stocked garden

Original quarry tile floor.

And some unusual details.

This desirable residence definitely  needs some TLC, and water and electricity.

You have to wonder how the occupants coped.