Sunday, 10 April 2011

Patchwork Lanyard

Hope you have all enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend. I'm  feeling a bit battered, bruised and very silly. Mr T and I decided to make the most of the weather and go for a bike ride, you can see it coming can't you, yes I fell off.  I was a good girl and had my crash hat on so at least I didn't damaged my head but can't say the same for my right leg and hip. Mind you if I'm sore now I just know it's going to be worse tomorrow.  So how did I managed to fall, well I have clips on my pedals that my shoes fit into which I'm not used to and when I stopped I forgot to unclip my shoes and over I went.  Feeling very silly.

Never mind, I've got plenty of sewing to do.  Like so many of us now I have to wear a name badge for work and made myself a lanyard to put it on so I didn't lose it or forget it.  I also made one for my friend Loopy Lou as a little thank you pressie  and didn't think any more of it for a couple of days until Lou rang and said start making more everyone wants one.

This lot have all been sold.

Each one is different with different embellishments and I'm having great fun making them.

 The next lot is well under way and I've put a couple on my Folksy site as well which has had a makeover and been relaunched.  

Well back to my sewing.



  1. Sorry to hear about your fall from your bike. I need to get some cleat's but am scared I will fall of many many times! Love the Lanyard's, why have I never thought of making one!!! our Lanyards are bright Orange! I might just dig out some thin lace and embelish it a wee bit! Hope you are not to bruised tomorow!

  2. These are fabulous, just when you think everyone has thought of what to do next you girls find another idea,they are wonderful!

  3. Ouch..... Those Lanyards are lovely, so much nicer than ordinary ones :)
    Sue Xx

  4. Hope you are ok after your bike the lanyards, great idea!

  5. Ouch! I hate those bike shoe clips they make me nervous just looking at them! Loving the patchwork lanyards!!

  6. Oh dear ... that sounds pretty horrible. I would have ended up the same way I think! Still, gives you chance to get on with some lovely needlework (much safer!) whilst you recover.