Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Home Safe and Pressies Too.

 This is my first sight of my little one for 3 months, the nice looking young man is a friend of my sons who was on the same train


Glad to be home after travelling in Asia. She went to Thailand, Singapore, North and South Vietnam, Malaysia  and Bali. What it is to be young and confident not to mention able to put up with less than comfortable accommodation.

After a good meal and some bubbly it was pressie time.

Dad loves Tin Tin and apparently so do the Vietnamese. This plaque is going on the wall by his desk.

Brother gets a new t-shirt and a bundle of different chopsticks which he is very pleased with.

I collect cocktails stirrers and have  done for years, luckily they don't take up much room.  These are my newest additions from a variety of clubs across Asia including one from a "lady boy" club.

My favourite has to be my beautiful, custom made dressing gown.  I am apparently a "normal woman "size, which is nice to know as it fits perfectly. The dress that little one had made is lovely. 

Eldest daughter comes home for a few days tomorrow so I will have all my broad around me again all be it just for a few days.

Thank you for your concern over my fall at the weekend, my right hip is the most beautiful shade of purple but other than that I have no after effects.
I'm off to chat to some more now, well we do have 3 months of gossip to catch up on.



  1. Hi Gill,there is nothing so wonderful than having the chics all home in the nest...and safe...bliss xx

  2. Enjoy your few days with them all around you Gill. I shall be doing the same in a weeks time when the last chick lands back here. Glad she's safe and sound - its always difficult them being so far away - we'll never get used to it will we!

  3. I bet it's lovely to have her home! Sorry to hear about your fall hope you are on the mend.
    Kandi x

  4. Ahhh lovely! I remember well returning home to my mums after travelling during my uni years and now its my brothers turn to be the trepid explorer, though he's sillier than me waiting until his 30's to do his traveling! Though I suppose he has the luxury of money behind him so goes much farther afield than I ever did!!

  5. Have a great time with them all.
    Viv xxx

  6. Glad you are o.k after your fall, albeit a little more 'colourful' than before!
    Love the colour of your dressing gown, very restful.
    Enjoy the days with your brood, happy days!

    Sandie xx