Thursday, 28 April 2011

April Scavenger hunt

Only 9 of my 12 photos as for some reason blogger doesn't like the rest, maybe it's the quality of my photos that offends it.

This is Cromer Church right in the middle of town which,I'm told, has a fantastic view from the top of the tower.  They do open it to the public I just haven't plucked up the courage to go up there yet.

My Breakfast.

In celebration of St George

We have had very little rain here so this is the nearest I got to April showers.

A field of rape passed on the way to work.

Lots of eggs painted for decoration at work.

My lovely camera

Our key tray.

Oh so cosy.

Happy Birthday William.

Thank you all for the advice from my last post. I've shut down my old shops and started again so that everything is now called Dosierosie so wish me luck.

Enjoy your day tomorrow.



  1. Lovely pics and so glad you were able to make a decision on your shops. Good Luck, just hang on in there.

  2. Some lovely photos here! Shame blogger won't let you upload the others, I've been having problems viewing images on both blogger and google images so I keep wondering if there is something going on at their end!

    I was just stopping by to see your scavenger photos after cliking through from another blog. I have a list of scavengers on my blog (linked just below my blog header) and will add you to the list if that's ok so I can come and see you photos for the next list.