Thursday, 31 October 2013

October Scavenger Hunt

Happy Halloween, if that's the right sentiment,
Maybe I should say Scary Halloween.

Anyway it's time for my pictures
for Octobers Scavenger Hunt organised
This months list was

Home Made
black and White
Coffee Time
Weather Cock
Fridge Magnet 

1.  2
Coffee mugs looking over Cromer Beach.

2. Flight
Seagull over the surf.

3. Coffee time
My special treat.

4. Rubbish
Recycle bins

5. Emotion
A happy mug in a charity shop

6. Balloon
I couldn't find a balloon anywhere so I 
went for a nice bright  banner display instead.

7. Fridge Magnet
My family are great travellers so I have quite a
collection of fridge magnets as they are easy to bring back.

8. Flower
The last of this years dahlias in my garden
although they  have all gone now after the storm at the 
beginning of the week.

9. Weather Cock
On my neighbours garage.

10. Orange
Not sure what it is but it looked great amongst
the brown leaves.

11. Black and White
My bathroom.

My latest project is a new case for my laptop to 
keep it safe and warm when it leaves the house.
I'm thrilled with it.

So that is my selection for this month,
Bring on next months.

See you soon.

Gill xx

Monday, 21 October 2013

You Can't Help Acting on Impulse

I wonder how many of you out there remember those adverts
where the beautiful girl was presented with
flowers from the incredibly handsome stranger.
Of course the reality of the cheap body spray
never quite lived up to the fantasy did it.

How many times has that happened to you when you have 
bought something on the spur of the moment
only to get home and found you have made a mistake
or it wasn't quite as perfect as you thought it was going to be.
I'm always doing it with clothes.

Anyway Mr T and I were in Norwich a few weeks ago
when it suddenly occurred to us that we had all 3 children 
coming home for Christmas and only one spare bed. So, 
on impulse,we bought a new sofa bed then and there from John Lewis.
The idea being it could go into my workroom(my son's old bedroom)
turning it into an occasional bedroom.
When my son moved out I had moved my sewing machine in and 
not really done much else with it.

So before our new purchase arrived I decided I needed to decorate 
and reorganise my room. I also needed more storage.

After plain white emulsion on the walls.

I started with an old ottoman foot stool for the bedding.

Which I covered with some heavy grey linen I had stored
away in my stash. A bargain buy which I couldn't resist
knowing it would come in handy for something.

Then went to the local auction and bought an old

 Painted Manor house Grey from Farrow and Ball

Filled with my fabric stash.

Decoupaged with some old french magazines
on the inside.

Then the sofa arrived. 
 It was bigger than 
I remembered  and we had a real panic 
that it wasn't going to fit up the stairs
as we hadn't checked the measurements.
We have a narrow and twisted staircase
and it was a close run thing but other than a 
small scratch to the on the wall it has been put in place.

With a cupboard stolen from another room for
my books  and magazines I have a new room.

My new organised and tidy (for now)
workroom/occasional bedroom is finished
and I love it.
Maybe I should act on impulse more often.


Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ally Pally Day Out

So who else has been down to Londons Alexandra Palace
 for the "Knitting and Stitching show?"
My friend and I went on a coach trip
yesterday and had a fantastic time.
Both of us were broke when we left
with all the bits and pieces we bought
but I have to say for me the best part
was the fabulous exhibitions by the textile graduates
and  artists.
Here are some of my photos.

I went to have a word with long time bloggy
friend Sue from @home who had a stall selling her 
badges and pocket mirrors. It was lovely to 
meet her after chatting on line and sharing each others lives 
for so long. It was a very quick chat as 
thankfully for her she was very busy.
Hope it carried on in the same vain honey and it was worth
all the hard work. Can't wait to read her post about the hotel
which apparently left a lot to be desired.

This was one of my favourites booths 
and came away with one of their books.
I'm totally inspired to do more embroidery and really wish
I could have afforded to buy one of their pieces.

There was artist from all over the world
Sorry about the glare on this one but I love the picture 
which was so different from the ones above.

Then as we left I saw this which has been knitted
 by a whole host of people based on the characters from
a new childrens book due out called"Save snarky spuddle and ramfeezled", 
unfortunately for them they were parked outside 
and not allowed a  gazebo. 
It was pouring when 
we left and I felt so sorry for them.
We hit dreadful traffic on the way home so it was
a very long day but very enjoyable.

I haven't taken a photo of the things I got so will do that this week
so see you soon and let me know what you thought of the show if you went.


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September Scavenger Hunt

I'm a couple of days late this month but here are 
my photos for Septembers hunt run by Green Thumbs
at made with love.

So we start with
This is my little nieces drinking cup from the Disney Store

A single white Cosmos from the garden.

Also in my garden is my beautiful
Sweet Chestnut Tree.

Life on the beach
The beach huts at Wells-next-the Sea in Norfolk.

Little boats all in a line at Morston Quay.

Saw this lovely old Pub sign for the Old New Inn
in Broughton on the Water while we were travelling
through the Cotswolds 
last week

This was in Frome in Somerset.
Really weird and wonderful

My brothers favourite shop, the model shop.  

Door Handle
These are on the cupboard in my lounge.

I've had this little chap since I was a child and 
I still love him and his long ears.

 My little piece of Honiton lace 
which my Granny told me was a family heirloom
I am researching my family history and found out
recently that my Grans Gran was a lace maker 
in Honiton so I hope this was one of her pieces.
I absolutely love it.

I really struggled with this one as no one in
my family has a tattoo and I so wasn't sure how to go about it.
Then decided to photograph the decal on my computer
which is like it's tattoo isn't it--sort of.
I can't seem to turn the picture the right way around either
so a bit of a di- ast- er all round really.

So time to find out this months list and start again.

See you soon