Thursday, 31 October 2013

October Scavenger Hunt

Happy Halloween, if that's the right sentiment,
Maybe I should say Scary Halloween.

Anyway it's time for my pictures
for Octobers Scavenger Hunt organised
This months list was

Home Made
black and White
Coffee Time
Weather Cock
Fridge Magnet 

1.  2
Coffee mugs looking over Cromer Beach.

2. Flight
Seagull over the surf.

3. Coffee time
My special treat.

4. Rubbish
Recycle bins

5. Emotion
A happy mug in a charity shop

6. Balloon
I couldn't find a balloon anywhere so I 
went for a nice bright  banner display instead.

7. Fridge Magnet
My family are great travellers so I have quite a
collection of fridge magnets as they are easy to bring back.

8. Flower
The last of this years dahlias in my garden
although they  have all gone now after the storm at the 
beginning of the week.

9. Weather Cock
On my neighbours garage.

10. Orange
Not sure what it is but it looked great amongst
the brown leaves.

11. Black and White
My bathroom.

My latest project is a new case for my laptop to 
keep it safe and warm when it leaves the house.
I'm thrilled with it.

So that is my selection for this month,
Bring on next months.

See you soon.

Gill xx


  1. Great variety of photos! That sweet treat looks invitingly delicious.. Nice work on your laptop cover ~ it's lovely and useful. Lovely dahlia and those orange seeds are eyecatching.

  2. I really like your patchwork case :) My favourites though are flight and 2 - they make me long for the sea. x

    1. Yes it is great living so close to the sea.

  3. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, great photos. I really like 2, balloons and I have the little man fridge magnet same as you. Greenthumb

  4. Great photos, I love flight and orange, and your patchwork case is lovely!

  5. You're a woman after my own heart with your coffee time image. Great set of photos.

  6. Hi Gill! I enjoyed your photos so much! That bright hello happy mug made me burst into a big smile! I loved your first two photos by the ocean ~ even if it is a bit wintery looking. Birds in flight are hard to catch ~ well done. How fun that you and Greenthumb living on opposite ends of the world have the dame fridge magnet! *hugs*

  7. I really enjoyed your photos. The coffee mug made me smile but my absolute favorite is orange. What a little hidden gem in the grass!

  8. Great photos - esp. the last one! BTW, I want your workroom! I will settle for that cupboard you refurbished though. Completely gorgeous! xCathy

  9. What a great collection of photos- I love the coffee mugs and your laptop cover is lovely :)