Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September Scavenger Hunt

I'm a couple of days late this month but here are 
my photos for Septembers hunt run by Green Thumbs
at made with love.

So we start with
This is my little nieces drinking cup from the Disney Store

A single white Cosmos from the garden.

Also in my garden is my beautiful
Sweet Chestnut Tree.

Life on the beach
The beach huts at Wells-next-the Sea in Norfolk.

Little boats all in a line at Morston Quay.

Saw this lovely old Pub sign for the Old New Inn
in Broughton on the Water while we were travelling
through the Cotswolds 
last week

This was in Frome in Somerset.
Really weird and wonderful

My brothers favourite shop, the model shop.  

Door Handle
These are on the cupboard in my lounge.

I've had this little chap since I was a child and 
I still love him and his long ears.

 My little piece of Honiton lace 
which my Granny told me was a family heirloom
I am researching my family history and found out
recently that my Grans Gran was a lace maker 
in Honiton so I hope this was one of her pieces.
I absolutely love it.

I really struggled with this one as no one in
my family has a tattoo and I so wasn't sure how to go about it.
Then decided to photograph the decal on my computer
which is like it's tattoo isn't it--sort of.
I can't seem to turn the picture the right way around either
so a bit of a di- ast- er all round really.

So time to find out this months list and start again.

See you soon



  1. I love your photos and I'm so envious, you have a sweet chestnut tree in your own back garden! I can't wait to go collecting them for roasting etc! x

  2. Hi hun How are you? lovely piccies!
    loads of news to tell you when you want to have that coffee.....
    Toodle ooh for now!
    Tilly x

  3. A lovely collection of photos. I particularly like the beach huts, boats and the old/new sign. I also loved your story about the lace - I hope it's one of your Gran's Gran's too! x

  4. Thanks for taking part in this months Scavenger hunt, so many great photos. I really like 1, graffiti and repetition. If you have any ideas for the scavenger hunt list let me know and I will put them in next years list. Greenthumb.

  5. Lovely pics, especially love those little beach huts.

  6. I enjoyed looking at your photos for this month's challenge. I particularly like the photos you used for Repetition and Life on the beach.

  7. Beautiful piccies. And how lovely that you have that piece of Honiton lace, and the back-story for it. Precious! Lx

  8. Very enjoyable pictures, Gill. The lace picture caught my eye. My grandmother Ella tatted or made lace. I wish I had learned the art from her. Your greats+ grandmother did lovely lacework!

  9. Beautiful collection of photos! Loved the life on the beach, repetition and the chestnut tree. The special piece of lace is a wonderful story, I love heirlooms!

  10. A nice set of photos and I loved the story with lace - I hope you manage to find out some more about your family and the lace.

  11. Your beach life photo is wonderful!So different from the beaches in Greece!

  12. Lovely pics. So different from the things I see around here in Australia. We have beach boxes but they are brightly coloured. Really love the New Old Inn.

  13. Great photos, especially new and beach life!