Sunday, 30 June 2013

June's Scavenger Hunt

Here's my photo's for this month's Scavenger Hunt
which is run by Greenthumb at  Made with Love.

1. Animal
A sheep in our way at the Lost gardens of Heligan.

2. Architectural detail 
On the doorway to our town Church.

3. Eyes
I found these eyes quite disturbing peering at me
again at Heligan.

4. Light
On a building in Swansea.

5. Little
This is a display case at the Eden project
showing little things made from natural fibres.

6. Ice Cream
Which one to choose.

St. Ives graveyard with it's amazing view.

8. Rooftops
The view from the car park we used in St. Ives 

9. 60

10. Art
The millennium  tapestry in
 Ramsbury Church in Wiltshire 
certainly a work of art.

11. Purple
My purple columbines or Grannies bonnet or 
aquilegia what ever you prefer to call it. 

12. Ring
Another of the flower arrangements 
in our local flower festival.

So time for me to see what everyone else has done and see
what we have to find next month.
Looking forward to it.


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pinterest Challenge for the first time

I bought this chair a couple of years ago cheap at an auction
with the intention of getting a new rush seat put on or trying to do it myself.
The problem has been that
 1. doing it myself wasn't
as easy as it sounded, no instructions to be found, difficult to find materials
and no time.
2. I couldn't find anyone locally that could do it at a price I could afford.

Enter pinterest. 
I had pinned a picture of an old garden chair
that had been revamped with leather belts
and thought I could do that. 
So having scoured the charity shops, bought all their leather belts
( not as easy to find as you would think)
and now my chair has a new seat. 
I think it needs a bit of wax where the old rushes were and 
a couple more belts
but the shops need to restock first
and as it is destined for the spare room it is
usable as it is.

So this is now being entered into the Pinterest challenge.
Have to have a good on Pinterest for something else to make now.
Any excuse.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

From St Ives to Home.

So time to continue our journey around  Cornwall and
we moved from the South coast  to  the North coast
and beautiful St Ives although I think the main street
 has become even more commercialised than I remember it
with fat face, joules and all the usual subjects in evidence. 

Although no matter what the High street is like
the beaches and surrounding area is still stunning.

Even the grave yard is pretty and overlooks the sea.

Surf was up.

And these were almost the only blue skies we saw 
during the whole time we were away.

On to Devon and we went to a National Trust
house called Coleton Fishacre which is a 
1920's house with a garden that goes to the cliff edge.
It used to have a salt water pool in the cove but you can't go 
down that far anymore but it was a lovely view. 

 I loved this detail in the patio of the house which is 
flower pots inside each other.

The house itself is a fabulous arts and crafts house 
which has been put back to it's original state and 
even had copies of the original furniture especially made but unfortunately
you weren't allowed to take any photos.

On the way home we went to stay with my Brother in Somerset
 for a couple of days and he took us to the Avebury stone circles
in Wiltshire as I wanted to do a bit more research 
on our family history in the area and
as neither Mr T or I had never been there before.

I found them fascinating and so many of them,
it was great to be able to walk around them
which you can no longer do at Stonehenge.

Beautiful village and manor house though. 

So now we are home and I am catching up on
the washing during bouts of sneezing as my
hayfever is awful at the moment.

Anyway enjoy the rest of your week and  thank you
for your comments I really like reading them.


Saturday, 15 June 2013

The story so far

Hello from rainy Exeter.
We are staying with our daughter here for a couple of days
which is wonderful.
So while I have the time and internet connection
I thought I'd put a few photos on to show you.
we have had a really busy time as we first took our son
back to Swansea before coming down to the West Country.

This is Bodmin Gaol where we stopped for lunch
and where my Great Grandfather spent a few days after
going absent without leave from the Navy in 1878 apparently.
Very spooky place.

The main reason for our holiday was to see 
The lost gardens of Heligan which was amazing.
I took loads of photos but here are just a few.

Before going to Mevigissey and afternoon tea.

The next day was the Eden Project
in the pouring rain 
(we've had a lot of that).

Afternoon tea in Fowey (pronounced Foy as in Joy apparently)
Where we saw Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan doing there shopping.

 I just loved this quote.

More rain.

St Ives next stop in the sunshine :)))

But I'll leave that for next time.