Saturday, 1 June 2013

Wisteria and W.I

I know I have already posted this week but
We had to pop into Norwich yesterday and walked passed this church 
which has Wisteria almost like a hedge around it.
The trees are so old and gnarled they are stunning I just had to show you.

While I'm here I just show you some of
what I've been up to craft wise.

I have been very busy with W.I competitions recently.
The latest is called  "heirlooms"
and we had to make 5 things which the group will be keeping
as part of the sections paraphernalia for the monthly meeting.

One of the things to make was a tablecloth for the 
Presidents table.
Our section decided it should be something that everyone 
had a hand in however small. 
Our theme fits in with the village and is a country side view.
One end is a cottage garden moving into fields and wild flowers.

Our section emblem is an owl and this was 
embroidered by one of the ladies and I think is amazing.
The hedge and tree stump is needle felted by another lady.

We had work days were we all made flowers etc
to be hand sewn on.

It has now gone to be judged so here is the finished 
article on my kitchen table with me taking the picture
by standing on the worktop.
When it goes onto the big tale this will be hanging down the front.
I love it but I'm not sure what the judges will make of it.

This is Erpy Owl and he was my project.
Erpy is our Identity or mascot.
I was told what shape was the working group wanted but I had 
a real problem with it. I could not find a pattern in this shape
so had to make my own and it took me 9 rough shapes before being happy
with it. 
The picture makes it look as if the head is bigger than it is.

His eyes, eyebrow chest and wings have all been
machine embroidered, is made from a worstead wool fabric and he has a squeaker
It caused me so much stress t get it right that I'm sick of the sight of him
 but everybody else loves him.

so wish us luck.

Hope your having a great weekend.



  1. What lovely workmanship! The cloth is truly a work of art. I cannot imagine the hours and skill to put this together. Your little owl is adorable. Please let us know how your tablecloth was received. I am sure all will be as much in awe as I! Congratulations on such a splendid piece.

  2. Wow! What a lovely cloth and owl.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Well it all looks great to me. The tablecloth is so vibrant and your little owl is a triumph. Well done and good luck to you all.

  4. The cloth is beautiful, Gill, and I know what you mean about getting fed up to the back teeth with something you have struggled with; nevertheless, he is an achievement, and I'm sure will be joyfully received by the other WI-ers .

  5. What a fabulous cloth, such beautiful work! x