Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pinterest Challenge for the first time

I bought this chair a couple of years ago cheap at an auction
with the intention of getting a new rush seat put on or trying to do it myself.
The problem has been that
 1. doing it myself wasn't
as easy as it sounded, no instructions to be found, difficult to find materials
and no time.
2. I couldn't find anyone locally that could do it at a price I could afford.

Enter pinterest. 
I had pinned a picture of an old garden chair
that had been revamped with leather belts
and thought I could do that. 
So having scoured the charity shops, bought all their leather belts
( not as easy to find as you would think)
and now my chair has a new seat. 
I think it needs a bit of wax where the old rushes were and 
a couple more belts
but the shops need to restock first
and as it is destined for the spare room it is
usable as it is.

So this is now being entered into the Pinterest challenge.
Have to have a good on Pinterest for something else to make now.
Any excuse.



  1. What a brilliant idea that looks good too :)

  2. Wow! fantastic... what a great makeover! Hazel x

  3. eeeekkk! It turned out FAB!! What a clever idea! Thanks so much for entering the PinAddicts challenge this month too! Kerry x