Friday, 7 June 2013

The Treasures Under Our Noses.

Today is a day of getting everything done before going on holiday
You know the sort of thing, collect prescriptions, fill the car up
with fuel etc.
Well while the very nice young men in town were washing the car,
(yes I know I could do it myself but they are so nice and do it so well,)
I had a few minutes to spare and noticed the church had a flower festival on.

Anyone who knows Norfolk knows that the county 
is full of old churches due to the rich wool trade that flourished here
in the middle ages.
St Nicholas' church  dominates the centre our town as
it is one of the largest churches in the UK and
 was built in the 14th Century but in 1724
the tower, which was the second tallest in Norfolk,  partially
collapsed and the ruins have ever since  needed regular maintenance.
Unfortunately now it needs a bit more than maintenance so this is 
one of the ways the town is trying to raise money to save it.

The flowers start in the entrance.

and the church itself is packed with displays..

The rood screen is beautiful.

The displays represent something local so 
we start of course with 
Norwich City FC.

Anne Bolyn and Blicking Hall

The Norfolk Broads

Paston school where Nelson (and my children)
went to school.

Lotus cars.

Poppy Line Heritage Railway.

Colmans Mustard.

The ladies from the weavers guild which 
has been going as long as the church has been here.

Until fairly recently we had RAF Coltishall just down 
the road-- it is now a prison and housing but the 
RAF rings remind us of it.

I have been in this church countless times
but have never really wandered around and had a good look
and it was so nice to realise what a treasure
I walk past so often.

So what treasures have you got under your nose?
I loved to hear.

Anyway back to the packing--



  1. What a pretty church and with an interesting history. I'm hopeless at flower arranging so am in awe of those folks who can - some stunning arrangements there. Hope you have a great holiday, Gill. Where are you off to? Thanks for commenting on my 'churchy' post too!Have a good weekend.x

    1. Thank you. we are off on a round trip seeing the children and having a few days to our selves in `cornwall.

  2. Great post, Gill, I'm not a fan of rigid floral displays but these are lovely.

    HAve a great holiday - and lots of piccies, please!! Lx

  3. Great post - I love churches and can rarely pass one by without going inside. Best wishes, Pj x