Saturday, 31 March 2012

Scavenger Hunt for March.

My efforts for this months hunt. 

 an old mile stone at Felbrigg Hall.


A loke is the Norfolk word for lane.





I tried to get the notice at Heathrow that says "Welcome to London" 
but I wasn't quick enough.

from Downton Abbey.

from one of the works at the stitching show.

You've seen this one before on my post on the NEC.

Strangely this was the one I struggled with so these are my little square inchies.

Next months look interesting.

 I've got my nephew and his family coming to stay for a few days ( if they managed to get petrol)
so the next few days should be very busy but I'm looking forward to having children in the house again, whether I feel the same at the end of the week remains to be seen  :)

Enjoy your weekend.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Monthly Makes

Well I don't know about you but just a little bit of sunshine and
 I feel so much healthier and happier.
The walk I did with my new WI group yesterday helped it was such a beautiful day

We started by crossing the river

Edged several fields

Through the wetlands reserve

Saw quite a lot of these little things bounding about.

and alot of these

 leading up to here (Mannington Hall for anyone who's interested )

Back across the the river

For coffee and cake at Itringham post office.
The cake was really delicious even better I think for being able to eat it outside.

My monthly makes have  been made for my little one to welcome her home 
and so are home related.

She seems pleased with them.

Have a great day and see you soon.


Friday, 23 March 2012

I am not worthy

This is my Love Actually moment at Heathrow on Wednesday 
when my little one arrived home after working in Australia since November.
It's good to have her home.

Tonight I am exhausted so I apologise now for any mistakes in spelling or grammar
but I have had a wonderful day and wanted to tell you about it..

North Norfolk coast to the NEC in Birmingham is a long way but that's where the sewing show is on so my day began at 6am this morning.
I met with a coach load of WI ladies to make the trip.
Unfortunately we arrived too late to book any of the workshops happening during the day--they were all fully booked but there was so much else it didn't matter.

I love these shows, they are so inspirational 

but also so down heartening because I look at some of these
amazing pieces of textiles and think " why do I even bother"
or to mis-quote Wayne's World " I am not worthy"
These are part of an exhibit profiling the best of blighty.
The one below is all machine embroidery--

One of the other exhibits is some of the costumes
from Downton Abbey.
It makes you realise how tiny some of the actresses are,
 I don't think I would ever have fitted in these.

I loved this crazy patchwork looks very victorian.

I am very jealous, my friend Lynn, who also went,
has ordered one of these.

Few of the other things about.

 In the background was the fashion show with students doing 
textile degrees.

We arrived in thick fog but left in brilliant sunshine
 and I finally got home at 8pm.

I didn't buy much
a couple of yards of lovely bias binding, a new crochet hook
a couple of wooden block stamps 

and a book by my favourite machine embroidery artist
Linda Miller.

I also got some very fine wire and some beads to have a go at making 
a crocheted wire and bead bracelet.

The fun starts tomorrow--- I have got to try some of the techniques I saw today.

See you soon.


Monday, 19 March 2012

Reading everyones blogs this morning it looks like all the ladies in the UK had a fantastic Mothers day yesterday which is good to hear.
Mothers day for me this year was very strange and I must admit a bit sad. 
Although I lost my Mum 18 months ago I still found myself looking at cards for her and it is days like this that I miss her the most I think but it was also the first year that I haven't had any of my 3 around.
They all remembered of course with 2 of them sending cards and even my little one, who is in the USA at the moment, sent me a facebook message but it isn't the same as seeing them. Next year I'm going to stay with one of them.

Mr T and I did have a morning out on Saturday though.  We had decided to have a walk around the beautiful walled garden at Felbrigg Hall, one of our local National Trust houses but sods law dictated that as soon as we parked the car it started to rain.  We then decided to actually have a look around the house which neither of us had ever done and I'm so glad we did.

It's quite a small house compared to some but had some really quirky things in it.

How about a this for a bath.

I loved this beautiful lace cushion in the only room in the house that is relatively modern--1920's.

How about this handsome fellow on the neck of the stone jars in the kitchen.

And this left me totally speechless.

Then to the cafe for a cream tea before going home for the Rugby.

All in all a super day    

and congratulations for any Welsh people out there.

See you all soon.


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I've taken the plunge.

Well I've done it-- I've actually joined the W.I.  I haven't joined the one in my town as the thought of walking into a meeting on my own where I didn't know anyone made me quake in my boots. So I have gone to the one in my friend Lynns village about 10 minutes away by car.
I have been going on their regular walks with them for a few weeks now,

(This is where we went yesterday)

 and have got to know some of the other ladies but what really tipped the scales is that this group is a real crafty group.  No surprise then that I have already been to a meeting to discuss what to do for the county show entry in June.  Some of the ideas have been amazing and they have some very talented ladies among their number but of course I can't discuss what the ideas where.  I'll make sure I take plenty of photos to show----after the competition.

 My weekend on my own was cut a bit short as Mr T decided to come early
but Saturday was lovely.
I spent alot of the day out in the garden enjoying the sunshine 

 Seeing what was out

 This was the hanging basket that my Mother-in- Law gave me for Christmas
It is a real picture.  I must try and remember to plant myself one for next winter.

I planted all the seeds that I received from Gillyflower recently
and am looking forward to dozens of little seedlings.

Even the fish were enjoying the sunshine.

The other thing I've been busy with recently is bunting.
I have about 50 metres of it to make for a wedding in May.

The bride and groom work in a sign business so we had a hugh cutting surface we could use.
I may be borrowing this again.

This is my friend Carol-- Auntie of the bride. 
 The reception is at her house and alot of it is going to be home made by her and her friends.
I think this is a fabulous idea and of course is saving alot of money for the young ones.

This is one of the fabrics , the other one is cream and gold.
With cream tape It's looks lovely.

We're getting there.
I've finished 15 metres so far-- only 35 to go.

See you soon.