Friday, 23 March 2012

I am not worthy

This is my Love Actually moment at Heathrow on Wednesday 
when my little one arrived home after working in Australia since November.
It's good to have her home.

Tonight I am exhausted so I apologise now for any mistakes in spelling or grammar
but I have had a wonderful day and wanted to tell you about it..

North Norfolk coast to the NEC in Birmingham is a long way but that's where the sewing show is on so my day began at 6am this morning.
I met with a coach load of WI ladies to make the trip.
Unfortunately we arrived too late to book any of the workshops happening during the day--they were all fully booked but there was so much else it didn't matter.

I love these shows, they are so inspirational 

but also so down heartening because I look at some of these
amazing pieces of textiles and think " why do I even bother"
or to mis-quote Wayne's World " I am not worthy"
These are part of an exhibit profiling the best of blighty.
The one below is all machine embroidery--

One of the other exhibits is some of the costumes
from Downton Abbey.
It makes you realise how tiny some of the actresses are,
 I don't think I would ever have fitted in these.

I loved this crazy patchwork looks very victorian.

I am very jealous, my friend Lynn, who also went,
has ordered one of these.

Few of the other things about.

 In the background was the fashion show with students doing 
textile degrees.

We arrived in thick fog but left in brilliant sunshine
 and I finally got home at 8pm.

I didn't buy much
a couple of yards of lovely bias binding, a new crochet hook
a couple of wooden block stamps 

and a book by my favourite machine embroidery artist
Linda Miller.

I also got some very fine wire and some beads to have a go at making 
a crocheted wire and bead bracelet.

The fun starts tomorrow--- I have got to try some of the techniques I saw today.

See you soon.



  1. Lovely pics - I do enjoy seeing where other people have been and what they have been interested in. Thanks for the journey,

  2. I love taking a peek at craft/sewing shows through other people's eyes! Lovely blog post and how gorgeous is that spotty bias?! Enjoy the time with your daughter x

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Some folks are so clever....but then so are you Gill so stop selling yourself short. Can't wait to see what you come up with, with all your new buys, especially the wood blocks.
    I absolutely love the pic of you and girly. Partings are very sorrowful but Welcome Homes are fantastic!Have a good time together.x

  5. Aww that picture made me smile, I imagine there were tears there we couldn't see!
    I was at NEC on Thursday too, it was great wasn't it, I didn't buy much this time but had a lovely day.
    Kandi x

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day out, but yes a very long way to go!
    How lovely to have your traveller return.

  7. Perhaps we should have a blogging ladies meet up at the NEC another year?