Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Monthly Makes

Well I don't know about you but just a little bit of sunshine and
 I feel so much healthier and happier.
The walk I did with my new WI group yesterday helped it was such a beautiful day

We started by crossing the river

Edged several fields

Through the wetlands reserve

Saw quite a lot of these little things bounding about.

and alot of these

 leading up to here (Mannington Hall for anyone who's interested )

Back across the the river

For coffee and cake at Itringham post office.
The cake was really delicious even better I think for being able to eat it outside.

My monthly makes have  been made for my little one to welcome her home 
and so are home related.

She seems pleased with them.

Have a great day and see you soon.



  1. Looks a great day out and cake too! lucky you! jennyx

  2. I love your makes, especially the little house.

  3. I'm seeing one off tomorrow for 5 months. Argh!

    1. The little house is just the sweetest thing! Enjoy your time with your daughter ... glad she's back safe and sound. xC

  4. Awe the little house is so cute! I love it! xx

  5. I have just found you through Manda's blog "the vintage hobby house" and thought I would say hello!
    I too am a fan of the little house, it is the sweetest! What a welcome home!
    xoxo~Karen x