Saturday, 3 March 2012

I've won a giveaway from the lovely Sue at Harts corner  
and it arrived this week all wrapped up in silver tissue.

The giveaway was rose themed 
and there was loads of lovely things with some pink lace ,
rose scented candles, pink trim fabric hearts and a lovely little basket.

These tissues are really good fun
 and are safely tucked up in my handbag.

And 3 pieces beautiful rose fabrics

Thanks very much Sue.

I love blog hopping and while I was bouncing around recently I discovered
a few blogs talking about "Inchies".
I'd never heard of them have you?
Anyway having had a good look around blogland, Pinterest and you tube ( I spend far too much time on the internet) before I decided to have a go
at some.

My little "works of art" are just 1 inch square, were great fun and 
don't take up much room when finished.

A bit like art journals there doesn't seem to be any rules and you don't have to be 
any good with a paint brush, which I'm most certainly not.

and as you can tell I'm hooked.

Whats got you hooked at the moment?



  1. Aw, congrats on winning some lovely things. I am new to the blogging word and am struggling to get followers let alone win a giveaway! Maybe that should be a future goal!

    Love your blog header and background - cute :)

    Rachel x

  2. Lovely goodies in your giveaway prize, right up my street, the rose fabrics.
    The tissues must cause a sharp intake of breat when other peopl see them! LOL! Enjoy, you lucky lady.

    Have a lovely day,

    Sandie xx

  3. Hi Gill, what a beautiful package the fabric is gorgeous. I have never heard of those inches but yours a fab ;-) dee x

  4. Fab giveaway win! Love your inchies ... :0)

  5. Hi Gill and thank you so much for passing by mine and leaving your lovely comment. Seems like ages since we connected! Those giveaway goodies are really lovely and well thought out - can't wait to see what you do with the fabric. What an interesting concept those 'inchies' are and you did well with yours. I haven't ventured into Pinterest World yet - I spend too much time on t'internet as it is so will abstain for now. I finally found your Lavender Linen and Lace shop and what a lot of lovely things you have there too. Good Luck with it.

    1. Congrats on your win - you seem to be very lucky these days! I have never heard of Inchies but yours are lovely - could I make them with clay or do they have to be sewn/textile? xC