Monday, 31 May 2010

For years I've been telling myself I would go to Sheringham park when the rhodedendrons were out but have never got around to it until today. Eldest daughter is home from Devon for the week and decided she wanted to show her boyfriend.

They were stunning.

They have several viewing platforms so you can look down on them which is very impressive.

Why is it that natures colours never clash.

Eldest Daughter.

We then went to the Wiveton Bell for Dinner and I just had to show you my dessert, Lemon Parfait with lime syrup. Finished off the day beautifully.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

A ten minute wait

I had to get a prescription filled today and was told it would be about 10 minutes. So I popped next door to my favourite charity shop in our little Market Town and what wonders I found.
An unused vintage Irish linen tea towel and some pretty blue fabric to add to my stash.

Then I found these two vintage aprons which I love. I think I'll keep this one.

I think My eldest daughter might claim this one as it just her style.

I'm hiding these from my husband at the moment as I have so much china but I couldn't leave it behind.

So I came home in a good mood and took some photo's in the garden.

Who needs Chelsea.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

An award

Yea I have an award from my nice friend at

This is my first award and I'd like to pass it on to

Vintage in the village.I k now she has had one today but now she has 2.
lilly's handcrafted lovelies
Faerie Nuff
Coco Textiles
Life on the east coast
Fondant Kiss
Great Blogs all.
I now have to tell 10 things about myself I understand.

1. Dosie Rosie is a nickname from my teenage years and a play on my maiden name.
2.I am the youngest and only girl in my family.
3.I am terrified of spiders.
4.I treated myself to a"classic"(old)MX5 when I left work.
5.I won a prize at junior school for needlework which my Mum helped me with.
6. Mr T's name is Guy but I thought calling him my Guy was a bit cheesy.
7.Crafting has helped me get over depression.
8.I go spinning at the gym twice a week and it still kills me.
9. My favourite colour is blue.
10.I prefer red wine to white.

well thats all for today except to say "Hello" to my new friends and speak again soon.

Monday, 24 May 2010

All kinds of everything

Hubby is watching the football so I thought I'd come and have a chat,let you know what I've been up to.
First is the two bags I made from the Cath Kidston book. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the pink one but the Cath Kidston original has been appropriated by my little one.

I must admit I'm pleased with how they turned out.

This is my little one with that look on her face which says "Oh go away Mum, I'm working"

And whats that behind her, good lord Beach Huts.

I have been so busy lately that I have started marking a day in my diary for a home day, (for home read crafting). I really did think when I gave up work that I would get bored but I never stop.
One of the things I've been doing is trying out new crafts. I've have been doing needlefelted 3D items for a few years but never really tried flat felting. So I went on line and found this company called SST who do distance learning crafting courses from beginners through to City and Guilds. I'm doing the beginners course in flat felting and I am enjoying it. You put together a small portfolio of felted pieces and then send off photo's to be assessed.

This one isn't part of the course, it's just one I was practising with but I'm quite pleased with it but I still have a way to go though.

This is the sort of thing I normally do for my folksy shop.

Over the weekend we went for a gentle bike ride and I took these photo's.

This one is the sand dunes on the coast.

This is a sign you don't seem to see much these days, in fact I can't remember the last time I saw a Jumble sale advertised. Just a shame I couldn't go. Hope this shows they might be coming back though, always a good place for a bargain as long as you don't mind having a rummage.

Then we went to this nature reserve for our picnic lunch. That's My Mr.T in the reeds.

And just look what I found, isn't it beautiful.

Friday, 21 May 2010


I think one of my favourite colours has to be the blue of bluebells, so to see a wood full of them always stops me in my tracks. That's what happened this morning on my way to walk the dogs. I suddenly stopped the car and jumped out with my ever present camera when I saw this view of a private woodland through the hedgerow. Poor dogs were very upset as their walk was postponed for a few minutes but I just couldn't pass this up.

I like the mixture of the blue and white.

Just to prove the dogs did get their walk and it was lovely in the early morning sunshine.
Well I have to go and do my first swim in the sea as part of my training for next months Great East Swim.
If anyone feels generous enough to sponsor the address is "".

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Crabs and Lobsters

There have been penguins in Liverpool, Elephants in Norwich, Hippos and Cows elsewhere in the country so now is Cromer and Sheringhams turn. The "Crab and Lobster Festival" has been building for a few weeks now with decorated paper mache sculptures in varying sizes appearing all over the two towns, but this weekend is the actual festival with all sorts going on or so I understand. I'm going to a wedding this weekend so I thought I'd give you a preview with some pictures taken during my travels in the last week.

This is Granville and is outside an Ironmongers shop in Sheringham. I like the keys on his head.

This one is near the fisherman cottages and is one of the smaller ones. I think he's fun and fits well with his location.

This one is just sitting in the Church Street in Cromer watching the world go past. What a great job.

This one is hanging from the pier by the Lifeboat shed but the photo is by the artist."Martin Wall".. He has done several different "animals" now.

It is great fun to wander around the towns finding them all. So if your anywhere near North Norfolk this weekend have a wander around.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Pretty in Pink

Well what a busy week I've had, Firstly their was my first giveaway win(see "it's arrived" then the drama of Mum (Mothers). After that I had the "Mum,could you do me a favour" from my Son. He needed someone to wait for the BT guy to call, so I packed a basket with some fabric and off I went. I sat by the window looking out at the view below,just watching the sea and doing some sewing.Oh it was bliss and of course the BT man didn't come so I wasn't disturbed.

I cut out some pink cotton to make another bag of the same style as the one in my Cath Kitston SEW! book and I'm in the process of making them both.

Then I had found some pink gingham in a charity shop some so started to do a hanger. I did a bit more but that's for a Swap so I'm keeping it a secret.

On checking the Green house on my return I found this strange looking beauty. Weird but wonderful I think.

Then yesterday we went to a Charity Ball( very posh) and for the first time in our married life, (too long to tell) we won a raffle. Tickets for a trip on Eurostar so PARIS here I come.

Tilly was, as you can see, unimpressed.

Friday, 14 May 2010

It's arrived

The doorbell went and Mr T said"you have all the post today" and there it was, my first giveaway prize.It was very well wrapped, or maybe it was just I was being too impatient to see what was inside.
Lots of lovely brightly coloured packages, all beautifully wrapped in tissue paper.

First a group photo.

Someone has been reading my blog, I love beach huts,this flannel is great

This is one of the ones I admired on Sue's blog,
Vintage in the Village

Thanks Sue, everything was lovely.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


No pictures today just a quick story that isn't as sad as it may seem at first. About a year ago my 90yr old Mother( I was an after thought, honestly) had to go into a Nursing home after a stoke. This morning I got a call from the home saying they thought she may have had another one as she wasn't talking and wouldn't squeeze a hand, so they had called the doctor. I rushed off, as you would and when I walked into her room was greeted with" Hello fancy see you today". The staff assured me she wasn't talking earlier so I asked her why not. She replied" Well I thought I was dead so I didn't see the point, but then they offered me breakfast so I knew I wasn't." Mothers

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Full of the joys of Spring again

Myself and Mr T went to along the coast a bit to Sheringham today for a wander and a coffee or in my case a fruit tea.
I just couldn't resist this glass cover.

and this lovely checked ribbon to add to my stash.

Then to top off a nice day I find out I have won a giveaway from Sue at
"Vintage from the village".

Monday, 10 May 2010


I love having visitors and living so close to the coasst I get quite a few during Spring and Summer. Of course it means more washing and cleaning when they leave but I don't mind. I had my cousin down from Derbyshire for a couple of days and although the weather wasn't very nice. When the wind blows on the North Norfolk coast it really blows but it was still a nice weekend.
Then today out comes the Sun, it must be an unwritten law that the sun shines as soon as your weekend away ends.
Still it made the blossom and the flowers in my garden look lovely.

My new copy of Country Living arrived today with a very enticing front cover.

I love this china.

So I Had to sit in the garden and read it didn't I.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

May 3rd

Well there goes another birthday, don't they come around quickly. Anyway being Bank Holiday the weather was of course horrible and the family were all living their lives elsewhere so I spent the day doing what I wanted to do.
My lovely friend Carol brought me around a birthday cake she had made. pretty isn't it.

Then I sat and had a look at my new books, good choices I think, although of course I did ask for them

After reading Cocotextiles blog. I was inspired to use that glass paint i found(see
Spring Cleaning
)to make acouple of tea light holders for the garden. Just the handles to add.

I have recently been playing around with crazy patchwork as I have so many fabric scraps and its fun adding bits of lace, embroidery etc to it.So feeling very creative I headed to my work room and finished the tea cosy which had come to a stand still.

I thought I'd turn another piece of crazy patchwork into a jewellery case for my friend Chris who is feeling a bit down at the moment. hope she likes it.

Then it was a bottle of sparkling wine in front of the telly, Now that's what I call a nice birthday.