Wednesday, 26 May 2010

An award

Yea I have an award from my nice friend at

This is my first award and I'd like to pass it on to

Vintage in the village.I k now she has had one today but now she has 2.
lilly's handcrafted lovelies
Faerie Nuff
Coco Textiles
Life on the east coast
Fondant Kiss
Great Blogs all.
I now have to tell 10 things about myself I understand.

1. Dosie Rosie is a nickname from my teenage years and a play on my maiden name.
2.I am the youngest and only girl in my family.
3.I am terrified of spiders.
4.I treated myself to a"classic"(old)MX5 when I left work.
5.I won a prize at junior school for needlework which my Mum helped me with.
6. Mr T's name is Guy but I thought calling him my Guy was a bit cheesy.
7.Crafting has helped me get over depression.
8.I go spinning at the gym twice a week and it still kills me.
9. My favourite colour is blue.
10.I prefer red wine to white.

well thats all for today except to say "Hello" to my new friends and speak again soon.


  1. Well done! And thanks, too, as I see my blog in your list.I like the colour blue, red wine and hate spiders as well!

  2. Hi Thank you so much for my award, it made my day.
    Sorry for slow reply
    I am trying to work out what I have to do before Miss V comes to find me !!
    Thanks again x