Friday, 21 May 2010


I think one of my favourite colours has to be the blue of bluebells, so to see a wood full of them always stops me in my tracks. That's what happened this morning on my way to walk the dogs. I suddenly stopped the car and jumped out with my ever present camera when I saw this view of a private woodland through the hedgerow. Poor dogs were very upset as their walk was postponed for a few minutes but I just couldn't pass this up.

I like the mixture of the blue and white.

Just to prove the dogs did get their walk and it was lovely in the early morning sunshine.
Well I have to go and do my first swim in the sea as part of my training for next months Great East Swim.
If anyone feels generous enough to sponsor the address is "".


  1. Oooh lovely fresh pics, makes me want to go for a walk, maybe when ive done all my jobs and Jazz has nagged me enough to go for a walk. Watch out for giant crabs when you go (very bravely) for your swim x

  2. So beautiful, I might go looking for some this weekend.

  3. What gorgeous photos - this time of year is amazing for bluebells. We drove past some this morning and they just take your breath away as they look so stunning spread out like a carpet under the trees *sigh of content* Just wanted to thank you for entering my bag giveaway - I'll draw the winner on 13th June so will be in touch if it's you! Lucy xoxo