Thursday, 20 May 2010

Crabs and Lobsters

There have been penguins in Liverpool, Elephants in Norwich, Hippos and Cows elsewhere in the country so now is Cromer and Sheringhams turn. The "Crab and Lobster Festival" has been building for a few weeks now with decorated paper mache sculptures in varying sizes appearing all over the two towns, but this weekend is the actual festival with all sorts going on or so I understand. I'm going to a wedding this weekend so I thought I'd give you a preview with some pictures taken during my travels in the last week.

This is Granville and is outside an Ironmongers shop in Sheringham. I like the keys on his head.

This one is near the fisherman cottages and is one of the smaller ones. I think he's fun and fits well with his location.

This one is just sitting in the Church Street in Cromer watching the world go past. What a great job.

This one is hanging from the pier by the Lifeboat shed but the photo is by the artist."Martin Wall".. He has done several different "animals" now.

It is great fun to wander around the towns finding them all. So if your anywhere near North Norfolk this weekend have a wander around.

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