Saturday, 1 May 2010

Spring Cleaning

Well it's official, I've turned into my Mother. When I was little I used to hear her say" Blast, the laziest people take the most trouble!" and I never understood until I heard myself saying it. Every time I try to cut corners you can guarantee it goes wrong and I have to spend ages putting it right. I think of her every time it happens. Well I Have just found another way I'm like her, I hoard.
I have been clearing out a few cupboards and things this week and you wouldn't believe what I found. Lots of things I either forgot I had or can't remember why I bought them in the first place. Glass Paints, now what on earth was I going to do with them,but I'll keep them in case I remember
Then there were the nice surprises. The ring stand and pot I kept from my Gran's house and put in a box along with the jug and put at the back of the cupboard under the stairs. Aren't they lovely.


Then I went to the trunk next to the bed which I use as a bed side table. Now why have I got so many tablecloths and embrodered napkins. The ones in the picture are only a few.

So I decided I should start using them, What do you think.


  1. The cloth looks lovely - are they cockerels embroidered on it?
    I'm afraid we are all destined to turn into our mothers!

  2. That table cloth is lovely, I love things with chickens on. I put a table cloth on the table last weekend when Mother in Law came for lunch and it stayed there all week as I thought it looked sort of cosy. Only troubl is it means more washing and ironing and somewhere to keep them all :( !
    Sue x

  3. I love that green jug and the ring stand and pot are so pretty.