Monday, 26 April 2010

Full of the joys of Spring

Walking the dogs,Tilly and Mack,(Tilly is the Labrador)

in the Norfolk countryside this morning was glorious.

The trees full of blossom and the birds singing. Not that I have any idea what sort of birds they were.I'm no birdwatcher and they are too small and moved too quickly for me to even see them, let alone identify them, but it was lovely too hear them.

Even the ever present Pheasant shout,them I can identify,we have so many around here. I even remembered my camera this morning so there are some photo's for you. This area will be full of grasses and wild flower soon so I'll try to get some pictures that do it justice.

When I got home I decided to pick some spring flowers for the kitchen table so as to carry on the feeling.

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  1. Hello Rosie, I just came to say hello ,the blossom you saw on your walk looks really lovely ! Pop over when you have time
    Louise xx