Sunday, 4 April 2010

Back from Oz

Well that went quickly. One minute I'm planning and dreaming of 4 weeks travelling on the other side of the world and the next it's all over.
We (sister-in-law Annemarie and I) left Heathrow early in the morning for our first destination, Brunei.Four nights here.A walk in the jungle, trip on the river, visit to a mosque and a swim in the South China sea bfore moving on to Australia.
first stop, a week driving along the Gold Coast,
Byron Bay,Coff's harbour,Nambucca head, Salamander bay and ending in Sydney for a week.
After all the usual sights( or so i'm told) it was onto Melbourne via a horrible bumpy flight. Wine tasting, shepherding, Kangaroo watching and rock climbing, Loved it.
Back onto an aeroplane and to Brisbane for a couple of days before flying home. God I need a holiday. Fantastic.

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