Wednesday, 17 December 2014

End of Year Show and Tell

I can't believe the last few weeks have gone so quickly.
I have been sewing and felting up a storm as
 I set myself the challenge of making most of the presents this year.
Certainly the females in the family anyway, I find men difficult 
to buy for let alone make for.

We have also had a couple of Christmas events with Carols at the pub
which was fun and a Christmas party for the Surf life saving club
which was great fun.

I also had a coffee and mince pie morning with
the ladies at my Patchwork group  as we had our
end of year show and tell.

It made me feel a little inadequate seeing some of the work brought along.

I loved this one below. The ladies daughter
set her the challenge of doing something abstract
and her words were
 " This was the best I could come up with I'm afraid"

It's fantastic to see how so many different designs
appear when we are all given the basic block to work with.

I wrote about my version of this Here

The shop is starting up dress making classes in the 
new year and the lady running them put some of her
work on show.

I don't need beginners dress making skills
but I do want to learn to smock as this is fabulous.
I don't think I'm alone in this either as these 
dresses generated a lot of interest.

I can't show you any of my work except the advent calendar below  as some members of 
my family read my blog and it would give the game away.

This I made for my eldest daughter though 
and of course she already has it full of chocolates.

She absolutely loved it and I have to say it was good fun to make as well.

This quilt below is for one of the classes next term
and I love the colours so might have to use similar ones
for my project next term.

One thing I can show you is my Harris tweed 
applique project. I really like the colours
of this fabric and have used this little bag a lot.

The long wooden' button' I got n Australia a few years ago
and I think just finishes it off.
I didn't use any bond a web or stiffening on the appliqué and
it is fraying a little but I rather like like that.

I can open my Santa Sack Swap tomorrow so look out for another post very soon.