Monday, 10 May 2010


I love having visitors and living so close to the coasst I get quite a few during Spring and Summer. Of course it means more washing and cleaning when they leave but I don't mind. I had my cousin down from Derbyshire for a couple of days and although the weather wasn't very nice. When the wind blows on the North Norfolk coast it really blows but it was still a nice weekend.
Then today out comes the Sun, it must be an unwritten law that the sun shines as soon as your weekend away ends.
Still it made the blossom and the flowers in my garden look lovely.

My new copy of Country Living arrived today with a very enticing front cover.

I love this china.

So I Had to sit in the garden and read it didn't I.

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  1. Hi Gill
    You are the winner from my little giveaway !!
    If you would like to email me your address(I think my email is on my profile) I will make up a little package for you .
    Best wishes
    Sue x