Monday, 19 March 2012

Reading everyones blogs this morning it looks like all the ladies in the UK had a fantastic Mothers day yesterday which is good to hear.
Mothers day for me this year was very strange and I must admit a bit sad. 
Although I lost my Mum 18 months ago I still found myself looking at cards for her and it is days like this that I miss her the most I think but it was also the first year that I haven't had any of my 3 around.
They all remembered of course with 2 of them sending cards and even my little one, who is in the USA at the moment, sent me a facebook message but it isn't the same as seeing them. Next year I'm going to stay with one of them.

Mr T and I did have a morning out on Saturday though.  We had decided to have a walk around the beautiful walled garden at Felbrigg Hall, one of our local National Trust houses but sods law dictated that as soon as we parked the car it started to rain.  We then decided to actually have a look around the house which neither of us had ever done and I'm so glad we did.

It's quite a small house compared to some but had some really quirky things in it.

How about a this for a bath.

I loved this beautiful lace cushion in the only room in the house that is relatively modern--1920's.

How about this handsome fellow on the neck of the stone jars in the kitchen.

And this left me totally speechless.

Then to the cafe for a cream tea before going home for the Rugby.

All in all a super day    

and congratulations for any Welsh people out there.

See you all soon.



  1. I seem to have missed visiting Felbrigg - I really must next time I am in Norfolk as it looks very interesting. That bath looks like a big boot!

  2. Never seen a bath like that before, thanks for taking us around,looks like you had a lovely day,I imagine it is hard when Mum is gone mine is 91 and still lives with us,however the children and families live away and I rarely get to see them others Day and it is a little sad but they always call and send a little something.

  3. Goodness that bath looks like a big boot ;-) I can't imagaine it being very comfortable. I was so sorry to read you had lost your mum and not very long ago either it must be so hard especailly with your children away also. Im glad you had a nice weekend though. Hugs dee x

  4. Hi Gill
    Looks like you had an interesting day out, thanks for sharing it with us! It must have been hard not to have your family there for the first time, and sad not to have you own Mother this year, but I'm glad you still had a nice day.
    Good to see you have planted the seeds! You are ahead fo me, I seem to have lost my planting mojo this year eevn though it was there raring to go in January!
    Enjoy the WI!!! Good Luck!!
    Gill xx

  5. Thank you for the lovely photo's Gill :) Felbrigg is one place I never went to when I lived in Nofolk, I must go when I come home again :)
    So pleased the gifts arrived safe :)
    Sue xx