Monday, 21 October 2013

You Can't Help Acting on Impulse

I wonder how many of you out there remember those adverts
where the beautiful girl was presented with
flowers from the incredibly handsome stranger.
Of course the reality of the cheap body spray
never quite lived up to the fantasy did it.

How many times has that happened to you when you have 
bought something on the spur of the moment
only to get home and found you have made a mistake
or it wasn't quite as perfect as you thought it was going to be.
I'm always doing it with clothes.

Anyway Mr T and I were in Norwich a few weeks ago
when it suddenly occurred to us that we had all 3 children 
coming home for Christmas and only one spare bed. So, 
on impulse,we bought a new sofa bed then and there from John Lewis.
The idea being it could go into my workroom(my son's old bedroom)
turning it into an occasional bedroom.
When my son moved out I had moved my sewing machine in and 
not really done much else with it.

So before our new purchase arrived I decided I needed to decorate 
and reorganise my room. I also needed more storage.

After plain white emulsion on the walls.

I started with an old ottoman foot stool for the bedding.

Which I covered with some heavy grey linen I had stored
away in my stash. A bargain buy which I couldn't resist
knowing it would come in handy for something.

Then went to the local auction and bought an old

 Painted Manor house Grey from Farrow and Ball

Filled with my fabric stash.

Decoupaged with some old french magazines
on the inside.

Then the sofa arrived. 
 It was bigger than 
I remembered  and we had a real panic 
that it wasn't going to fit up the stairs
as we hadn't checked the measurements.
We have a narrow and twisted staircase
and it was a close run thing but other than a 
small scratch to the on the wall it has been put in place.

With a cupboard stolen from another room for
my books  and magazines I have a new room.

My new organised and tidy (for now)
workroom/occasional bedroom is finished
and I love it.
Maybe I should act on impulse more often.



  1. Oh, you're so lucky having your own craftroom. It looks really lovely and I especially love your new/old cupboard in that Farrow and Ball colourway. Are you making that tartan jacket on your mannequin. I love those colours too.

  2. I can't wait to get sewing with you in your new room ;)
    Tilly x

  3. Awesome... Know you will enjoy this multipurpose redo!

  4. What a wonderful transformation. I love the fabric cupboard. X