Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I need a little help from my friends.

Don't worry, all I'm asking for is advice.  The problem I have is with my Folksy/Etsy shops. I've never really talked about my shops have I?  And to be honest they don't do that well but that is down to me I suppose.  My brothers and I were never allowed to celebrate or boast about anything we did well and had to accept defeat with dignity. If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two just the same( If -Kipling). It's something that has stuck with all of us and  I agree with the second part but if your lucky enough to be good at something then you should show off abit don't you think.  One of my brothers is a great  pen and ink artist but the only people that have his pictures are family as he wouldn't dream of trying to sell them. Sorry this is all getting a bit deep isn't it.

Anyway back to my shops, my photos and description need a lot of work and I need to sell myself more but the problem I have is do I change the names of the shops?  At the moment my user name is DosyRosie and the shop is DosieRosie( a senior moment on my part) and a lot of people have had trouble finding me, Not surprisingly. So do I change them to DosyRosie ( as that can't be changed) along with my blog, do I change it completely, such as Gilly T or something, or do I open a completely new shop with  a new e-mail, user name, the lot and just keep Dosie Rosie as my blog.  Don't you hate big decisions
I sell different things on each site.
Etsy is vintage supplies, patterns and  magazines, such as these ( see what I mean about the photos)

Folksy is my handmade stuff as well as a few vintage buttons .

Getting better?

Answers please on a postcard!!!!

Just to cheer you up after that, I'm 52 next week (hence the big decision) and Yesterday I had my face painted for the very first time.
We had an Easter egg hunt in the grounds at work with games and facepainting for the kids and as I working along side all this I had mine done as well. She was brilliant.

Just look at the flowers and ignore the rest.

See you soon.



  1. Oh dear, such decisions. Well don't worry about the senior moment, I have loads of those. I bought stuff off Folksy before I became a seller and just used my username winnibriggs, of course I never thought I would want to sell. However now I have a shop and my name is and always will be Winnibriggs House, so I contacted Folksy for permission to change my name and as you know they will not allow this, so they suggested closing my account under winnibriggs and opening a new account under my proper name but attached to a different email. It worked and now both my Folksy and Etsy shops have the same name. Don't know if this will help, but I think you should stick by your blog name if possible, as you are now known through blogger. PS I don't have the worlds best camera but I find taking my product photos against a white background in bright but not too sunny daylight gives the best results, and I take pictures from different angles.
    Good Luck I am sure you will sort it.
    Jenny xx

  2. Hi Gill, I have absolutely no idea about any of the Etsy etc things but I just want to encourage you to go on and do whatever the other girls advice is as I think your thigns are just lovely and have told many of your lanyards etc at my craft group, I think you have great ideas, lovely work and with a few tweaks i am positive you will do just great.Keep up the creative side and 52 is a baby i am 10 years older and it only gets better,bless you on your changes and I will be watching with great interest.xx

  3. Hi there, I think WInnibriggs has said it all, Although personally I do like the name Gilly T. I do think both are difficult to sell from, no matter what product you have, you can't be seen unless your known or are found in a search.
    It's a shame you can't shout from the rooftops about your successes, because everyone else does,(about themselves)
    Love the facepaint.... nice to know your enjoying your work so much!
    Sue Xx

  4. Hi I am a fine one to talk as my sites are all a bit muddled so I think its best to have all your selling sites the same name. I like Dosie Rosie as its a bit different !
    Good luck anyway. I sell lots of patterns on Ebay but their fees are expensive.
    You could have your flowery face as your profile pic!
    Sue x

  5. Hi Gill, I'm a new reader, come over from seeing your dresses at Sew Scrumptious. Etsy has a really good post on photography props http://www.etsy.com/storque/seller-handbook/give-props-how-to-style-your-photos-1079/ I don't have an online shop yet (too scared!) but if you search on the Etsy blog under photography seller handbook there are a lot of posts with some really great advice (and you don't have to have lots of expensive kit).
    Good luck

  6. Thank you for that Mary and welcome.

  7. Hi Gill - as the wife of your talented Brother - the most important thing is to be happy with how you present yourself and to be consistent so that it is easier to be found. We are devastated about the fish. Lots of love