Sunday, 1 May 2011

29 and counting

All out May 1st.
My father used to say this when  he had to get a load of kids  out of the car for school.
Along with being Labour day, international workers day and goodness knows how many other celebration days around the world-
It is my Wedding Anniversary.
This is me and Mr T 29 years ago today.

And here we are now still going strong (this is the best of a bad bunch).
I did make one mistake though,we got married 2 days before my birthday as I didn't want to be 1 year older than him on our wedding certificate, I'm 6 weeks older.  The trouble is now everything is over with in a couple of days and I get all my pressies in one basket so to speak. You see I got a good one, he has never once forgotten ( I have though, very embarrassing).

I got a new clematis as my present this year so of course it has to be my Plant of the week.


Anyway here's to many more.

So what did I do on my anniversary, well I was the cycling back up team to this group of High school employees who did an eight mile sponsored run around the countryside.

Past the village pond

Through the woods

Past the old mill.

across the river

 and nearly home.

A well earned rest --for them anyway.

And of course tea and cakes.

Hope you had a good day and enjoy your Bank Holiday tomorrow, I'm now off for a posh meal out.



  1. Have a very happy anniversary,all those lovely cakes made me smile,if I had done the excersise I would be thinking of the calories i burned then a beautiful tea lol pu them all back on,people are wonderful the things they do for others,well done for being part of it all...have a lovely holiday it is work as usual for us Aussies .

  2. Happy Anniversary, then Birthday!
    Re my T&C's I trawled all the distance selling regs and others T&C's and thats what I came up with. Not sure if it's right but it's a start :)
    Kandi x

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both, hope you have had an enjoyable meal, as if you need one after a feast of those cakes! I think the cycle ride would be much more fun than the run.... not completely sure if I'd want to spend my anniversary doing either though! My O.H once gave me a pressie a month early! So I got two that year.... it hasn't happened since despite the fact I never write it on the calender, just incase :)
    Sue Xx

  4. Happy anniversary .... Looks like you had a great day!,

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  6. Were and still are a Handsome Couple. Congratulations to you both and well done on getting there. x