Tuesday, 24 May 2011


You might have noticed my last couple of posts have been a bit short, well the truth is my dark cloud came to visit  and I started having panic attacks again.  I was also finding it hard to write anything much. For reasons I won't go into it has been caused by work so I have put in my notice before it got any worse and I had to resort to medication, it took me long enough to get off it.  So it's back to being a domestic goddess and my crafting which has actually lifted a big weight from my shoulders and I feel better already.

My friend Loopy Lou has helped me through these set backs before and decided I needed a morning at Aylsham Auction.  I love auctions, there is just so much stuff to poke about in that you might want or even need,

boxes of vintage bags

books, comics,maps and hats

I used to have loads of dolls like these when I was little.

I love this book but it was part of a huge box of childrens books and I didn't want them all. Shame.

The dead stock sale has so many things I could use in the garden I was very tempted.

Loopy Lou and I did succumb to this lot though. 
3 boxes of vintage linen.

One of the hand embroidered tablecloths had never been used and had been given as a present. It still had the label on it so Loopy Lou is trying to find out something about the lady.

This is the cloth and it is lovely.

This is my purchase, the perfect chair for my spare bedroom dressing table, all I have to do now is repair the seat. Anyone know how to do rush seating.

Mr T  and I are going away for a few days down to Frome to see my family and where I'm going to do a course in Felting here. I promise to take lots of photos.

I'm taking my computer so I can keep up with what every one is doing and if we go anywhere nice i'll let you know.
So have a great week.



  1. Sorry to hear you are struggling again. I've been putting a lot of my mother's stuff in the auction but you haven't spotted any yet! Enjoy the felting, I'm sure you'll have a great time. Good luck.

  2. Sorry to hear you're having a tough time my lovely....
    Hang in there...huge hugs coming from me to you with loads of love and smiles x x x

    I love your goodies from the auction!
    I want to go and find some gooies for my barn!
    I will email later hunny
    x x x x x

  3. Sorry you have been struggling - I hope the dark clouds go away very soon.

    I have never been to a proper auction - I think I might get over excited and buy all sorts!!

    Enjoy your course - look forward to reading about it :)

  4. Hope you manage to shake that bloody cloud very soon! The auction sounds amazing xx

  5. Honey, hope you get out from under there soon. Glad you saw the problem and got out before it got any worse, that's real progress. I adore your finds I would have clambered over people to get my hands on that vintage linen, I'm sat here drooling ~ I must go to Auctions!
    Hugs Kandi xx

  6. Hi Gill, sorry to hear the black dog is with you it arrived with my mum again last week pesky thing. I hope you feel better real soon. Crafting is so relaxing enjoy it. Lovely photo's all that linen looks gorgeous, have a lovely time in Frome, dee x

  7. Hi Gill - those linen pieces look divine and your chair will be fab once you've done it up. Know a bit about dark clouds myself - hang on in there - thinking of you.

  8. Can you take me too please?!
    Sorry you're feeling not so tickety boo.
    Have a great time in Frome.

    Sandie xx

  9. Oh, I had a collection of dolls like those too!