Thursday, 5 May 2011

A New Purse

I have had one of those weeks, no matter what I touched it broke or went wrong. Amongst other things I have had both the till and the credit card machine break at work and have broken china both at work and at home but dinner tonight was a classic.  Like the good housewife that i'm not usually I made a chicken casserole and put it in the oven before heading off to the gym for my spinning class.  So there I am sitting on my bike waiting to go when the instructor comes in and tells me I'm not booked in- well fits in with the week, so home I go and lay the table for dinner. Then just before Mr T comes home I check dinner only to find that for some inexplicable reason I turned the oven off before going to the gym.  Pizza for dinner then.

Still something that has gone right this week is something my little one asked me to do. She has a friend at Uni who needed a new purse and could I make her one.

The first one I made in linen which was too bulky and I wasn't at all happy with it but at least I knew where I had gone wrong and how I was going to do the next one. I love this linen though,
I got it all from an Etsy shop called Dreams come true.

The change pocket needs a zip the flap adds to the bulk unfortunately.

The second one I'm very pleased with.

I've had this fabric for ages just waiting for the right project, and the pink goes so well don't you think.

It had to have a wallet and a card section for all those I'D's.

And of course a change purse with a zip.

And just to finish it off I put one of my lovely little scottie dog buttons( also from Dreams come true).
It is in the post and I hope she likes it.
I'm using the first one-- a birthday present to myself (that was on Tuesday).
I'll show you what I got when it arrives,  in the meantime
be happy.



  1. Happy be-lated Birthday, hope it was a good one :o)
    Love the purses!

    B xxx

  2. Love the scotty button!
    Belated birthday wishes to you!

  3. They are really good! I love the scotty button too! x

  4. Love both fabrics and purses.Clever girl!
    Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to you!

    Sandie xx

  5. Your mind is obviously elsewhere when it comes to just about everything ... except your sewing! That linen fabric is gorgeous - am off to suss out that etsy site now.

  6. aaww bless you i hate weeks when things just keep going wrong but everything goes in 3's so they say ;-) I love your rose purse you made its gorgeous beautiful fabric i bet she will love it. So glad to have found your lovely blog i will pop back again real soon. Take care and have a lovely week, dee x