Monday, 9 May 2011

Watching Clouds

Today was supposed to be a practical day, getting things done around the house like a bit of painting but first buy your paint, so off to Homebase.
Now I know from the radio that some of you have had dreadful weather today so I do feel a little guilty saying this but we have had a glorious day and driving to Homebase this morning I got distracted (nothing new there then)and I started cloud watching. I wasn't driving by the way, just in case you were wondering.
Cloud watching is something I have never outgrown since childhood, finding animals, faces and things in the shapes of the clouds. It was a favourite game for me and my Mother  and  today was the perfect day for it.

 I can see a dog sitting up,what can you see?

It seemed such a waste to spend such a beautiful day decorating so I suggested a coffee at Felbrigg Hall on the way home.  Mr T will agree to anything if it delays the decorating.

We had company for our coffee break.

Then on getting back to the car we found we were parked right next to the walled garden and being NT members ( free entry, well sort of) and both easily distracted we decided to have a wander round. 
Warning lots of photos ahead!!

We made lots of friends.
Some noisier than others.

  Guinea Fowl are really really noisy

These are now my best friends, I did invite them to come and stay but Mr T wasn't so sure.

The old Dove cote is lovely and still has Doves in it.

And the handsome cockerels dining room.

Then there's the Garden itself which I will let speak for itself.

A Much better way to spend a morning than decorating don't you think.
We spent the afternoon in our own garden and never got around to the painting. Never mind there's always tomorrow that's if I don't find something else to do.



  1. Fantastic photos! Looks like a brilliant day out!

  2. That all looks like much more fun than decorating!
    PS: Your pillowcase dresses were adorable:)

  3. We had sunshine here in Suffolk to (again) today. I think there was a rain shower at 4am but oddly I didn't notice ;)

  4. What a perfect day Gill :) and yes so much better than decorating lol.
    Sue x

  5. Save the painting for rainy days!I think your doggy cloud was a Jack Russell!Thanks for the tour, Gill, lovely as always. x

  6. yes a much better way to spend the day, rather than decorating x

  7. thats my sort of decorating! splendid photo's!

  8. Am I imagining it or have you changes your blog? The top looks different - good different, I might add


  9. Hi hun! Loving your 60 minute makeover!!!!
    Very rosie...dosie rosie!
    I love cloud watching too...fancy some in Wells with a bag of chips one day?
    x x x

  10. Hi there. The nature looks beautiful there. I have just been perusing your blog and I love the purses you made and the little birds. I am also a bit of a sewer and find what other people make very inspirational. I am looking forward to seeing more of your makes.

  11. First off - love your new header! Very lovely. Yes, I see your dog. Do you see my swimming turtle on the right? Oh ... just me then!