Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sod's Law.

In my house Sod's law dictates that whenever my other half goes on a training course  something goes wrong at home, This week it has run true to form.  Not only have I had to buy a new hoover but the winds this week have brought down part of the garden fence on to one of my flower beds and I can't lift it off.  
The winds have also turned my Apple tree from this

To this--apples everywhere.

I've given bags full to friends and have baskets full for myself.

I also have loads of fallen Hazel nuts

And lbs of Tomatos

Now you won't hear me say this very often but I've been cooking.
It's not that I don't cook it's just that I sometimes find it a real chore .

But with so many apples I decided to make pies and strudel for the freezer.
I also made my first Tarte Tatin which didn't last long as my little one, one of her friends and I demolished it for tea.  I might have to make it more often.

I think this might have to be my monthly make.

Hope the high winds didn't cause too much damage in your area.



  1. Hi Gill, all our trellissing came down but it was a quick fix unlike poor you! Country Living mag has an article about hazel nuts this month yours look huuge!! hope the week improves

  2. I don't have any apple trees in my current garden , and I miss them so much! Those baskets full of them look totally delicious!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Vanessa xxx

  3. Our pear tree is looking pretty bare now but we had just finished putting up a new fence which fortunately stayed put!

  4. We had to re-build part of our fence too, and we are not great at DIY, so it was not a fun experience. Would rather have been baking apple pie!