Sunday, 28 August 2011

Season of Mellow Fruitfulness

I love this time of year and the phrase Mellow fruitfulness suits it so well.
My garden is bursting with what would have been our Winter stocks years ago and my freezer is filling up nicely. I was given a load of Damsons the other day so I have even been making chutney and Damson cement   jam( over boiled it slightly). 

Our young Russet has done well this year.

Nuts galore!

This tree has lived here a lot longer than we have and looks stunning every year although I have no idea what sort it is, taste nice though.

Mr Ts precious single pear, I hope it taste good, he has been nurturing this all summer.

And then of course the late summer flowers along with a few dried seeds heads for my winter vases.

Have a great Bank holiday Monday.



  1. Beautiful photos!

    I remember learning the line "Autumn - seasons of mists and mellow fruitfullness" from the comic strip the Bash Street Kids!!!

    Ah the culture vulture that I am.....

    Im hoping that Sue from @home is going to give me some of her lovely Bramleys from her trees....


  2. It's feeling really autumnal isn't it??
    I have a few damsons but mine are turning into damson gin!!!

  3. Your garden looks so lovely. we have two apple trees in our garden and one was ready for picking. I looked out of the kitchen window one morning this week and asked my son what was wrong. One tree was completely bare - we'd been scrumped! So as soon as the other apples are ready we're going to pick them!
    Jo x

  4. Wow, everything's looking gorgeous! We've got a contorted hazel tree too, and it's got some massive hazelnuts this year. Our pear tree has fruited for the first time this year - we've got 6 nice juicy pears:)

  5. Can't believe it's Autumn already, but we do get some lovely mellow days in Autumn as you say. Poor little lonely pear! Hope it tastes especially good.