Monday, 5 August 2013

Bringing Back Memories

Isn't it strange how certain songs can bring back such vivid memories or stir such strong emotions.
Songs such as 'I'm not in Love'(10CC) and Beach Baby(First Class) always bring back hot summer days on Oddicombe beach in Devon where I used to live as a teenager. I can even feel the heat of the sun as a crowd of us used to sit at the far end of the beach away from the holiday makers. Very happy memories

Then there's ' In the living years' (Mike and the Mechanics)which tells the story of my relationship with my Father almost as though it was written for me including having a baby a short while after he died.
It always makes me remember him and usually brings a tear even after all these years.

Today it is 3 years since my lovely old Mum left me, 28 years after Dad, and when I eventually turned on the radio this morning the first song I heard was 'In the living years'.
Is that what they call Karma or Ironic ?
Anyway whatever it is 

This is to remember them.

As a Postscript to this- just as I finished writing this Michael Ball played 'Beach Baby'. Totally weird.


  1. What a lovely post, Gill. It's so funny you should mention this subject. Whenever Frank Sinatra comes on the radio, I always think it's a sign from my Dad that he's watching down on us. It happened twice last week, once when I was with my younger sister and once with my youngest sister! and in places you would never expect to hear Frank Sinatra too!
    Can't believe it's been three years since your Mum passed. I remember when it happened. Time flies indeed.
    Lovely pics of them both. A handsome couple.

    1. Thank you ,Yes it has gone quickly hasn't it. I know what you mean about them looking down,Radio 2 has just played Beach Baby just for me : ))

  2. What a lovely post, and yes are these songs merely coincidence or heavenly intervention?

    One that follows me around, everywhere I go, is Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl, which has a very special meaning to me.

    Have a wonderful week

    Love Claire xxx

  3. Yes, this is a lovely post. I still find it difficult to hear the theme from Twin Peaks as this was a hit around the time when my mum died, over 20 years ago but it still gets me every time! x

  4. Music is incredibly evocative; I have tunes that remind me of my parents when they were younger, and of course everyone has an "our tune" don't they? My tunes are a little further back in time - strange how it is those teenage years we hold on to most, isn't it? And I love the idea that a whisp of a tune indicates to you someone is watching down on you, how comforting. Lx

  5. Sometimes you get these little coincidental 'nudges' and it makes you think.Maybe they were both smiling at you?