Thursday, 1 May 2014

Aprils Scavenger Hunt

It's the 1st of the month 

Which means it's
time for my photos for this months Scavenger Hunt
Once again my thanks to Green Thumb at Made with Love
for organising this every month.

1. 11am
Taken from the car on the A47
as we were travelling home after our few days away.

2. Truck
or at least the front of one.

We have had the Elephant trail in Norwich
This shows just how smooth and shiny they are.

Heres another one with a beautiful
stained glass window painted on it.

4. Scrap

Pile of scrap wood on some waste ground.
Not a very good photo I'm afraid 
as it was a last minute find.

5. Carry
Another Elephant, this one painted by our
friend Martin Wall, with a nice sentiment.

Here it is from the front.

and although not Scavenger Hunt photos
here are a few of our favourites

This one is my husbands

And this one is mine even with the lights
shining on it.

The Elephants are apparently touring the UK
over the Summer
so if you get the chance to see them they are well worth it.

Back to the Scavenger Hunt

6. A is for…

Abbey. Newstead Abbey.

7. Scale
I was struck by the different sizes of the windows
in the Abbey ruins, Maybe not exactly scale but I struggled with this one.

8. Match
Matching flower beds.

9. Layers
Some very clever Topiary.

10. Logo
 The Bin it logo. 

11. Paths
These go through the estate of Thoresby Hall.

I love these floor tiles .

So that's my contribution for this month.
A month when I've been very quite haven't I but
with various bits and pieces it has been a bit trying
Still,  today is my 32nd Wedding anniversary and
Saturday is my Birthday so time to
look forward and have some fun maybe.


  1. A great collection of photos, I love all the elephants. I saw a few earlier in the year when they were in Stoke on Trent - I remember the pirate one! Newstead Abbey looks a lovely place to visit.

  2. I forgot to say... Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great birthday weekend :)

  3. Happy anniversary and birthday! It's my daughter's birthday this weekend too - all the best people :) Love the photos and particularly layers and tile. And I'm going to look out for those elephants! x

  4. Hey Dosie Rosey! Great photos! I so enjoyed your bird walk with the colorful and creative elephants! I'm guessing your hubby is a character!
    Have a happy 32nd anniversary and a wonderful new year of you!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! The elephants are so fun, I like your favourite too!! The abbey is Amazing and you're right about the difference in.size! I really enjoyed finding this month's x

  6. I loved ALL the elephants even though they were not part of the set task. Have a lovely weekend celebrating your anniversary and your birthday.

  7. Great photos, Gill I especially love the elephants! Lxx

  8. Two wonderful occassions to celebrate.....Happy, happy! I think you did well showing 'Scale'. Loved all the photos.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  9. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I really like the look of all those elephants, tile and layers are great also. Greenthumb.

  10. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! I like your interpretation of carry and I also like the bin logo. I could only think of brands for the logo photo.

  11. Great photos, love the elephants. Happy Birthday and Anniversary too.

  12. The elephants are really fun! They did something similar here with ducks because the sports team at the university is the Ducks. I love the stained glass window on the elephant. And the layered topiary is very clever!

  13. Love your Layer shot, great interpretation. The elephants are super.

  14. I love those elephants - we had a cow parade in Dublin a few years ago which I guess are something similar. The garden shot is beautiful.

  15. Happy Belated Birthday and Anniversary! I really enjoyed seeing all of the elephants - and the Abbey, beautiful matching gardens and the tiles!

  16. Love those elephants - will look out for them this summer. Belated Anniversary and Birthday greetings to you, Gill. Hope you had some lovely times. xxx

  17. Great photos, especially layers, and I love the elephants!