Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Welcome Break

Every family has it's ups and downs doesn't it and 
mine is no different especially recently,
so Mr T  and I were  looking 
forward to the short break 
we'd booked a few months ago.

We'd booked a country house hotel in the
 Nottinghamshire countryside.
Coming from a west country family I have very rarely
travelled northwards on holiday, mine were  usually
family visits  South West so this was to some extent a 
a new experience. 

The weather left some thing to be desired but
the surroundings certainly made up for it.
Our room looked out over the grounds which
I would love to walk around properly
 --when it isn't raining.

But as you can see from these pictures it was a trifle damp
and so were we by the time we got back to our room after
a short stroll to stretch our legs.
Never mind the G&T in the old library before dinner
soon raised our spirits again.

The hot stone massage in the Spa the
following morning got rid any remaining stress.
It was my first massage  done this way
and I loved it so it won't be 
my last.

With lovely bright blue sky but a cold wind
it was time to explore the area a little.

A while back one of the lovely ladies that I follow in Blogland
wrote about Newstead Abbey, so when I realised this was close to where we
 were staying  it had to be visited.
The castle had been owned by the Bryon family, those of
Lord Bryon fame, at one time and
The Fifth Lord was apparently rather eccentric.

He had
little castles built either side of the large lake at the top of the 
gardens (near the car park)
and had mock sea battles with his staff in boats on the lake
with him firing at them from the castles and sinking the boats.
How bizarre is that and not to mention just a bit dangerous.

Unfortunately the house is only open at weekends
but the grounds and the cafe were both very nice.
There were several noisy peacocks strutting around
as well as guinea fowl and geese. 

This lovely old tunnel leads you in to the formal spanish garden

Then into what I assume was the walled kitchen garden 
at one stage although the gardeners there now don't seem to be
working very hard.  

 Aren't they fantastic, it looked liked
they were made out of chicken wire.

The japanese garden at the bottom of the hill looked
 as though it had been flooded during the winter floods
but was still very charming.

The grounds go down hill with waterfalls taking the 
water from the top lake to lower lake.

This one you can get behind and look through
 which was fun although poor Mr T  had to crouch as
it's a bit low for taller people.

Would love to have a go at this making some like this
in textiles.

Back to Thoresby hall to spend the evening relaxing
in the  beautifully restored Great Hall after a wonderful
 dinner in a beautiful dining room with silk on the walls.

We have already booked for next year, 
although for longer this time.
 Hope you have all had a good week and are enjoying your weekend.
We are off to the West country again this week, this time with 
a van full of furniture for eldest daughter who has found herself
in need of it.

See you all again when I get back.



  1. I loved seeing the gardens of the Abbey you visited, the statues were so life like. The manor house where you stayed was beautiful, no wonder you have booked a return visit.

  2. My goodness! What a dream! This looks like a fantastic getaway! Every shot that you captured is just beautiful! So glad that you were able to take this all in! Nicole

  3. Oh Gill what an absolute treat - I hope you were wearing suitable Jane Austen attire and a pretty bonnet! My weekend so far has been catching up on the washing and ironing - sigh - maybe I should wear a bonnet for that?! Jane x

  4. Wow that was great share. That is amazing for chicken wire!

  5. That sounds like a lovely getaway (despite the weather!) - thanks for giving us the tour, your pics are beautiful.
    Have a happy week,

  6. Wow! what a lovely place
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. What a most gorgeous magical place to visit. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Judy