Monday, 31 March 2014

Scavenger Hunt March

It's that time of the month again when I join in 
with Green Thumb at Made with Love and the rest of the gang for 
our photographic Scavenger Hunt.
If you want to have a look at the other entries then pop along
Here for the links.

I was set
an additional challenge with this months
hunt as my wonderful husband suggested I try to take all
the photos from in and around our house and gardens.
It means that some of the photos aren't as nice as I would
have hoped but I have managed it. 
So here is this months chosen selection

1. Berries
The mixed berries that are part of my breakfast most mornings.

2. Crisp
A cold and Crisp morning with a slight frost,
few and far between this winter.

3.M is for---
 Mack.  It took me ages to get him to stay still
as he decided it was time to play with his ball but I eventually
made it.

This the back of my house with the green man

5. Flowers
My spring flowers in a pot by the back door

6. Grate
The fire grate in my lounge.

7. Cutlery
Very boring but my cutlery drawer with my Grans 
bone handled knifes.

8. Coloured Door
My cooker door, I love the colour of my cooker.

9. Tickets
Our theatre tickets for next weekend.
I keep an envelope stuck to the inside of our diary
so keep any tickets in so they don't get lost.

10. Working
This was taken from our drive looking across
the road at our neighbours having a new roof .
The builder is sitting on the top.

11. Lit up

I always have candles on my mantlepiece 
over the winter it somehow make the room warmer.

12. 9am
Last but not least my watch actually taken
at 10 am this morning when I realised I
had forgotten to put it forward on Sunday morning
when the clocks changed to British Summer Time.

So that is it for this month time to go shopping
and start looking for next months.



  1. Hi Gill. you made a good job of your photos, and also gave yourself an extra challenge, great, love the one of your dog Mack, it looks as if he's fallen asleep, or did you hypnotise him ?

  2. A challenge within a challenge and you did a great job! I really like Mack, your coloured door and the watch was so clever. x

  3. Great collection of photos, especially considering the extra challenge. I really like your flowers, lit up and the coloured door. I once challenged myself to do a whole scavenger hunt while we were out for a walk. It was the end of the month so I'd taken my 12 photos already, but I managed to complete the list again within that one walk! It was one off challenge though, doing the list once is usually challenging enough!

  4. When I clicked your link I ended up in February ~ could you check it and see if that's the case? Anyway, I found you by going directly to your site. Good work on getting all the photos in and around your home. I have often wondered how many categories I could cover in one photo ;) Your oven indeed is a wonderful colour :)

  5. Thanks for taking part in months scavenger hunt. That was a fun thing to do find all your photos around your home. Great photos of M, a coloured door and flowers. I thing you must have added the wrong link because its taking us to Februarys scavenger hunt. Greenthumb.

  6. Well done on managing to get all shots in your home. It's SO hard getting animals to stay still.

  7. Well done for finding all these great photo opportunities in and around your house. I would love to have bone handled knifes in my cutlery drawer.

  8. Gosh you know, this is fun, but it does require a lot of thought and a fair bit of foot-slogging, doesn't it? Well done! xx

  9. Good job :) I'll be taking part this month and may do the March list too to catch up. Those berries look so tasty. Well done on taking on two challenges! It's tough photographing just around home!

  10. Hi - you did great on both challenges! I love your garden on a crisp morning, an idea I also had but the weather didn't co-operate.

  11. Well done on the 9am!! I WISH I had thought of it when I looked at my clock which said 8.52- had I waited 8 minutes, then I could have taken one!
    I love your crisp frosty morning shot- brrr! Your dog is a cutie too!x

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed your collection of photos, Gill! Mack is so cute, and dogs are hard to photograph! I have knives with bone handles in my drawer that were my grandmother's! I think I've finally found all the clocks that need to be changes, so I got a kick out of your 9 am photos and comment! Have a happy weekend!